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Is that this interview/discussion here?

Apart from anything else Fitzgerald and the other chap (who is that?) allow Kabbage get away blatantly with his claim that 3 Mayo players were (“orchestratedly”) wrestled to the ground at that kickout, which we know wasn’t true, and LF drags in the comment about Costello getting yellow carded, which was a completely separate incident.

Btw, Kabbage does come across as an angry bully. Bit like Dumpy without the humour or “tired emotional drama”, like Gilesy in the grim arrogance. Vincent Browne without the humour, the real smarts, or the cuteness.

Has K responded yet to the fact that what he was saying was blatantly untrue in the first instance?


When I first heard that Luke Fitzgerald interview I thought he came accross as out of his depth and rambling.But watching it there he was quite clever. Although he let kimmage go with the untruth about the 3 mayo lads being dragged down,he stuck to his 3 key points ie Dublin players were not cheats ,Kimmage was a cheat and kimmage was a bully.I wasnt 100% myself on the 3 being dragged down even though i was at that end of hogan,only when i saw youtube footage was it confirmed that it didnt happen.


Sorry JJF, I admire your passion but clicking on any Kimmage or McKenna link is the total opposite of starving them of oxygen.


True! But I’m talking more so not commenting on twitter or engaging with the plonker. But I suppose every little helps.


The Luke Fitzgerald and Kimmage interview was 100% staged in my opinion.

It was a relatively unknown podcast and suddenly it created so much drama it shot up the rankings in the podcast charts.

Clever piece of marketing which began as a ‘twitter spat’ between two employees who work for the same company.


You know what, I think once again you’re spot on, having watched it, it made no real sense, and felt very staged. The repetitive lines of comment. That said, maybe it was just the wooden characters involved, not able to step outside the roles.




100% agree. KImmage, since O Brien resurrected his career, basically hangs around the corridors of communicorp/independent happy to jump on any talk show that wants him to rock the boat serving both his purpose and theirs. As you say, it’s the same company


Hmmm… thats a different take on it. I wont watch it again though, but anyway ■■■■ the lot of them.


Regardless of what he writes no one on here agrees with him and knows he’s a Gobshite. He wont be out in parnell pk tonight ( if it goes ahead ), him. Cheap shots is all he’s takin to stay in the limelight . I dont think the world of journalism would miss him too much if he crawled back under his rock. A Pox


That’s a good shout, again it fits in with the “meltdown” on otb on O’briens radio station.

Controversy sells, facts are irrelevant


Have to say as a Mayo man Kimmage is totally out of order with his comments on Dublin. He must not be a Gaa fan.


He is a miserable ■■■■■■■. He is a fan of misery.


journos like judges have a great sense of entitlement about themselves.

Respect is earned and not given because of your trade.

Kimmage must have been going after lance too hard when we were a laughing stock , marching up to the hill under pillar and the rest of the shite that went with it promoting this that and the other under Tommy Lyons.

Cheap shot from kimmage but dont expect anything less from him , use to enjoy reading his articles in the indo but if people don’t dance to his tune he gets aggressive and loud.


You have the likes of Fogarty , Dunphy & Kimmage slating a team from their own county . Where would ya see this anywhere else .
Even for non gaa heads like Kimmage & Dunphy you’d imagine there might be a bit of pride in where they came from . Sure didn’t Kimmage say before this AI final he was rooting for Mayo , madness .


I think it’s the opposite for them actually. Both grew up in strong Dubs Gaa areas,but because they played and supported different sports they have undoubted bitterness against Dublin GAA. They have never liked the Dubs which comes out very obviously when we are winning everything around us !


They don’t see themselves as Dublin GAA supporters, Fogarty certainly doesn’t. But I would not consider him in the same ball park as Dunphy and Cabbage. Dunphy is simply an arsehole. Cabbage is a an arsehole looking to be revelant.


You differentiate between these two. May I ask why? :wink:


you may. In a crowded market of big mouth arseholes cabbage is trying to be the loudest. Dunphy has his regular gigs and is well established. Cabbage is looking for new territory.


Nice clip of jamsie and his oul fella John.