Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


A member of our back room team did .



You obviously don’t listen to Today FM or Newdtalk on which he appears regularly and is given free reign with a chuckle here and there from likes of Matt Cooper and how the cranky Dubs will be giving out again. He certainly doesn’t get challenged no matter how deranged his comments are


Now he has more ammo for that whereas if he was ignored cooper might not bother his arse with him


Sorry @Iomaint … it is now 2018. Ethics?? Boundaries?? Objectivity??? :joy::joy::joy:

The press is part of the private sector - money is the bottom line. It is a cabal … and quite poisonous and nepotistic most of the time.

Maybe we should give him Bob’s Freedom … he clearly craves attention and recognition …


That annoyed me aswell and was backed up by a certain individual on here too.untill it was clearly disproven from youtube vids.the same guy now saying turn the other cheek.


No I don’t listen to them. I practice what I preach and ignore them. As do the Dublin team by and large. And they’re right.

You don’t argue with an idiot. He’ll drag you down to his level then beat you with experience.


Me too. I counted four.


Well he should not have and Gavin should remind him who he represents. Different if you are addressing a factual inaccuracy fair enough reply away but Sherlock is a bit old to be replying the way he did. Again a bit of class and dignity is always the best reply to the likes of kimmage.


Agreed , it wasn’t necessary to reply . But maybe they know each other & it was just banter . He only recently did a story on Jayo , feel free to not open link if or offends .


Nobody will dare mention the elephant in the room here. One of the great Dublin taboos. We all know it but nobody will say it.

He’s from Nth County Dublin …


Yeah and he seems to be really proud of it. Dublin team bring him to tears - he has nothing but respect for jim Gavin and the Dublin players, his words.


Hes from coolock. Grew up within a mile of where cluxton did. About 500 metres actually


He lives in the North county but definitely not from here. A fine city boy for you to be proud of.


Is his wife’s from mayo?


Only in Germany


No matter where he’s from he’s only a wanker, but i’d say he throws an eye on this site to see if he’s getting a mention. Luke Fitzgerald put him in his place a couple of months back


Luke Fitzgerald doesnt have the wherewithal to put anyone in their place. He got totally bullied by Kimnage with his lever arch folders, his paranoia and his threat to walk out if anybody argued with him.


I thought LF played cabbage lovely. Totally showed up what a egotistical bully boy he is. One didn’t need to rip the arsehole a new one just needed to show everyone what he is. You got to starve shitheads like cabbage of all oxygen. Starve them completely.


Thought LF played it well meself … not sure if he actually meant to but kimmage thinking he was in the driving seat started to act de bully and when LF called him a bully u could see he was seething that he had scripted the description brilliantly