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I dunno - I think the indo like having both sides of the bread buttered. Ignore cabbage don’t make him relevant. Don’t read his articles. A mind over matter we don’t mind as he doesn’t matter. As hard as it is and believe me I’d love to get him into a boxing ring and pound the shit outta of him - but he wants that. He wants the twitter assholes to respond to him. He wants to be slagged cause in his mental state it’s rubber stamps that he is right and courageous and all that. He is a hypocrite that is tripping himself up all the time and he has no filter or boundaries so ignore or even pity him. He can’t be happy been that ducking miserable.


Billy the barman thinks he is a sports journo cause he gets a gig writing for the indo because of his da FFS


Couple of things:

He’s trolling people with that nonsense. By reacting you’re playing into his hands.

By sharing it you’re doubly playing into his hands. Please stop posting it here.

He’ll soon pivot the focus of the story towards the reaction to it, i.e. the abuse he’s getting, therefore presenting himself as the poor little guy standing up against the mob.

How about in 2018 we focus on enjoying the sport, and let the shitheads carry on as they like.


Don t read the sindo and not on Twitter but had a look last night to see what the fuss was about. Jayo s middle finger response I mean Dublin gaa should show itself to be above all this bollox. Sherlock is on the management team , he should show some restraint. Kimmage is a fool but he knew the reaction he would get and sure enough people obliged. If he was ignored his career would suffer . I couldn’t give a shit about him , dunphy and any other miserable hoor . Let’s enjoy our greatest era and treat the likes of kimmage the best way possible, by ignoring them.


It’s all well and good saying ignore them but it’s not your character these parasites are attempting to sully.


I don t see Jim Gavin getting his knickers in a twist over it and if he is nt I wonder why everybody else is.


Agreed. Kimmage should have been deafened by the silence. But that’s not the way anymore unfortunately.


Overreaction lads, giving him what he wants. Jayo classless gesture for someone in his position. Kabbage is getting what he set out for, under the skin.


Fk Kimnage. However Dublin GAA ignoring him ain’t going to make him go away. There are those in the media who will give him a platform and plenty outside Dublin who lap up his anti Dublin bile. Us ignoring him won’t make it go away.

Fair play to Sherlock for giving it back to him. Would think Sherlock resp was tied into fact that by giving Kimmage the interview and particularly re additional bit that was in Sindo yesterday he had treated kimmage with respect that ultimately has been thrown back in his face. Kimmage is a warped attention seeking drug cheating wa**er!!


You achieve nothing dragging yourself down to the level of kimmage etc. Win the Sam again and again throw out a few platitudes, show the rest of the country you re not bothered about criticism justified or unjustified . Some of the replies yesterday on Twitter just played into kimmage s hands. They were childish and embarrassing. Let him be a knob and let Dublin gaa show that it has what he does nt have , a bit of class.


Kimmage has been spouting lies and anti Dublin abuse for last 3 months. At some point u have to stand up and say enough!

Don’t forget kimmage has national media platform for this sh1te. Have no issue with Jayo resp. If nothing else it shows we won’t keep taking this crap.


So give Kimmage exactly what he wants. That’s your idea of sorting him out?

Oh well.


If his plumbing had recently become very poor, you wouldn’t. Alan is quite correct here. Lots of people aspire to becoming journalists. It typically takes a degree and a masters and you have to learn about ethics, boundaries, objectivity etc. Kimmage did none of this afaik. Given the power of the press, there should be basic minimum training requirements. The Press Council is clearly a waste of time. That said, you boys should have voted to keep Denis O’Brien’s rags off here, and you didn’t. It’s no longer about freedom of speech. It’s about abuse of power, bordering on libel. Run the poll again and let’s ban discussion of the Indo and Sindo off here. In fact, if all Dub supporters boycotted those rags, the editors would have to change their tune.


As opposed to continuously turning the other cheek??

Kimmage goes unchallenged with this stuff then it becomes accepted as fact / fair comment.

You can choose how you respond the same as rest of us.


That’s it in a nut shell . Same as MacKenna .


Amateurs giving their all for their club or county should not be subjected to this. Nor should they be expected to maintain a respectful silence. They have a right to protect their good name, seeing as the GAA and GPA have been deafening in their silence.


Kimmage , dunphy , McKenna and the rest of them with a axe to grind about the dubs are never going to change and are CERTAINLY never going to admit their wrong .It goes with the territory of been so successful , every team that dominates in a sport has to deal with this shite .We are in a club of one and an easy target.
The only thing that really bothered me last year was the blatant lie that 3 dubs pulled down deliberately mayo players at end of final


Look the tweet alone made him look a tool. If no one had bothered to reply he would look an even bigger tool. Some realization of where he figures in the priorities of sports fans might have hit home.


No it doesn’t. No one takes Kimmage seriously on this. It’s not his sport. He’s a known mouth. No one of consequence takes any notice of this.


The original statement didn’t refer to recent work.

I’d be interested to see if there is a module on writing articles based on what’s trending on Twitter !!!

Modern journalism seems to be about number of hits or views of a story rather than quality.