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PK slags off the Dublin Senior football team and manager for showing a lack of class, but… he’s an admitted drugs cheat, rants like a demented nutter on the radio, his tweets read like a spoiled child and he takes a paycheque from the Denis o’Brien media corporation, yet JG is the one lacking in class. You can’t make this stuff up!


If he was plumbing for the past 20 years- prob would




And hangs out with McKenna who both thinks each other are courageous honest and brave journalists.


MacKenna admires PK but ask him about any other drug cheat sport… hypocrites all of them


Yeah I’d love to ask jayo why he did as cabbage was expecting to be told to ■■■■ off when he requested it.



Cheers! I stand corrected.


I think it’s fair to say the line has been crossed at this point. Somebody is going to have to stand up for these lads. Think of the joy they have brought us all, think of the faces of the sick children they bring joy to on Christmas morning. It’s the very least we owe them. Whatever about MacKenna, he’s entitled to write whatever he wants about makeup figures and “financial doping”. That’s fair enough, you can argue the toss with him with facts but I’ll say this for him. He’s never stooped as low as Kimmage has. He’s utterly vile and himself and his employers need to be taken to task over this.


But you know the old line on twitter. views are my own not employer. Not sure what INM can do about it.


McKenna is as bad as cabbage. Two peas in a pod massaging each other’s ego. Cabbage has lost the plot. Biggest disappointment for me was jayo giving the fucker the chance to earn his crust interviewing him.


Ah jaysus Alan not a bit. Journalists are employed by private businesses whose sole aim is to maximise profit. There are no morals in journalism - quite the opposite. Some of them seem to think they are on a crusade and have some kind of moral standing. They aren’t and they haven’t.


That’s not an excuse and is a cop out. Plenty of people have been reprimanded by their employers for what they post on their own twitter. Once he uses his Twitter to share his articles anything else he posts on it will be linked to his employer and rightly so.


FAIr point about the sharing of his articles though the indo don’t give a ■■■■ about morals. Dcb just got to say to INM we don’t want cabbage present send anyone else.


Ignore them - simple. Do what Jim and the boys do - laugh at them and give them the two fingers.


but they’re loving this. they love the controversy this brings.


Exactly. A decent anti indo campaign will give Kimmage a nice slap on the wrists. Personally I don’t buy or click any indo links anymore. If you could get your man Barry off Hill16army to get all his followers on board that might put it up them. Across the hill next year "BOYCOTT THE INDO":joy::joy:


NO. Boycott Cabbage. Nobody respond to the muppet on his twitter account. That would kill his ego. His a troll. Plain and simple.



You simply can’t hurt him without hurting the employer to unfortunately. It’s only when they start losing money will this nonsense stop


But there’s an appetite for anti Dublin content out there outside the pale . Therell always be someone interested in it even if we choose not to open links or buy newspapers.