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Cheers , I just checked there & its not uploaded to their podcast on Podcast Addict yet .


Gilroy also took him up on 11 seperate ocasions that McCarron was involved in violent scenes in night clubs at what not and aked him if he was a violent person

Fair play to Gilroy, i’v a lot of sympathy for mcCarrons problems with gambling which can affect anyone. But aside from that, i think he’s a scumbag and not convinced he’s a fully different man now


And making money on the back of it?

Would have no interest here at all … in any shape or form …


Zero remorse. Sympathy for him? Not a chance. He is a disgrace.


I do have sympathy for him for his gambling problem as it is a terrible addiction which anyone of us could fall to. But the violence and general acting the maggot is a different thing. I can’t help contrasting him with Davy Glennon the Galway hurler. He genuinely seems to be talking about his gambling problem in order to help others. There’s no book or wanting to be a celebrity about him - that’s what it seems to me anyway. I also admire Mickey Harte for standing by him, it might have been easier just to quietly drop him.


He is a guy with a shed load of issues obviously, but your man Gilroy’s self righteous tones wreck my head. I get his point, McCarron wrote the book so is therefore open to any questions about it. But the whole show continuously judges everyone according to some unknown moral standard that only they can arbitrate on. OK, McCarron isn’t a great example to be complaining about as he probably deserves a bit of stick - but still


I agree with you about the Off the Ball moralistic tone. Mccarron is a bad example of this as there is obviously lots to disapprove of there. But imagine if some sports player was on and admitted that he or she voted for Brexit for example or held some conservative views on an issue (thinking here of someone like Ger Brennan) - I can hear the disapproving tones of Gilroy and Joe Molloy already. It’s a real right-on club they have.


You obviously haven’t read the book

You can’t compare him with Davey Gleenon. The lengths that Mc Carron went to feed his habit is totally different.

MC Carron is actually helping others.


No, I haven’t read it. If he is helping others that’s good and I won’t judge him. It all reminds me of that old saying about ‘walk a mile in my shoes’.


That’s why I can judge my older brother …


[quote=“TheParish, post:391, topic:250, full:true”]
You obviously haven’t read the book

You can’t compare him with Davey Gleenon. The lengths that Mc Carron went to feed his habit is totally different.

MC Carron is actually helping others.
[/quote]Having read the book as well, I’m with Parish on this one.


A real case of money for nothing … :smile:


OTB is brutal, notwithstanding a good vehicle for issues like McCarron’s to be aired etc. I can’t stand the presenters, they embody alot of what I dislike about their generation.
Ken said it about Septic Tanks, for me this would refer to the OTB crew: "I won’t hold it against you, just try not to say anything too loud or crass."


Lovely new Jersey’s though.


They’re nice alright. Maybe even Lee will take a shine to it and not bother trying to take Dermo’s off him next year …


I missing something here. Who’s Ken and why did he say that about Septic Tanks? :roll_eyes:


It is a nice design. Ballymun would look good in the reverse of that - Green shoulders and red middle.


Brendan Gleeson’s character Ken in the film In Bruges. Gets drunk and says to a stranger in the bar, “Are you American?”, yer man says “Yeh but try not to hold it against me”. Ken says, “Yeh well just try not to say anything loud or crass”.


Nah, he’ll be too busy polishing his RTE Sportsperson of the Year Award…oh, no, wait a sec…he’s even not nominated for it. My bad.

G’wan Fento !


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