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Easy to say “It’s his job”. But using his profile to highlight the needs of those less fortunate has to be commended.
Fair play to anyone involved with institutions like this, be it in a professional or voluntary capacity.


Podcast out next week I believe .Worth a listen


i hope to get a chance to listen to it now that im out of solitary


Have they stopped the boycotts and whinging?


It begins…


Tomas o sé
"Unbelievable support and turnout in Killarney last night. @ediennico organised a brilliant one and @AnGhaeltacht will now get a new pitch :clap:t3::muscle:t3::volleyball:!!! An Ghaeltacht Abú!!!"
Each to their own, for me this is the hot pin in the eye for the gooch fan club.


So make them move home to Donegal? Don’t pay travel expenses? Only pick home based players?

yer man Cunningham is always at this. I don’t hate Dublin but…


To be fair to Kieran, he is a hell of a sight more level headed when it comes to these things than others who we won’t name!


Totally agree. ose brothers fir the most part are alright. No griping or moaning out of them unlike gooch. hope he enjoys his few bob.


I like Kieron aswell though I just don’t see the need to reference dublin? Why bother… same can be said of kindare meath Wicklow Louth. They don’t have huge travel expenses either. It’s open season on Dublin where nearly every journo has to reference them in some way and mostly to keep this negative narrative going. I can hear the server fans on the mayoblog and hoganstand working overtime in the outrage from their forum users.


Some story, fair play to Willy. Have had a few dealings with him always seems a sound man and one of the better refs around.


Maybe so, but not his first side swipe either, he was on off the bile with Brazil Fawlty from Kildare having a good old whinge back in August/September, think he was on with them as well when Paul kimmage tried to become relevant.


Jaysus just shows ya, yeh seems a lovely fella any time i’ve come across him. Fair play to him.


Assume you’re joking?


Of course!

Huge numbers of Donegal people travel up and down every week, its just the norm for them. At least the inter county boys are getting their expenses covered. There is nothing new in this, Donegal players have been doing it for decades,it’s just another opportunity to try and belittle our lads achievements. Its the new media narrative.


Nobody would argue that it is not an advantage not to have to travel, but this idea of trying blame Dublin for it is just silly, I mean what is Gavin meant to do send the lads off to live in different parts of the country so as that they too would have to travel.


Listening to the Brolly Dunphy interview , he said the Kerry CB were behind this to take the shade off the Gooch testimonial .I’ll have to listen back to it but he said something along the lines of they were not happy with it & did this to create some positive PR.


I was talking to a former Kerry midfielder, possibly one of the best ever to play midfield for Kerry last week and he was totally against the Gooch fundraiser…


The problem with the Gooch thing is that he did it totally individually, but at the same time he used Kerry GAA and GAA as whole , its a case of take the money and run , it was a a once off and probably wont work again and for that reason I would say he will have lost a lot of popularity within his fellow players.


Do ya think he’s bothered now that he has the money ?