Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


No , no .Slippers my good man !


Yeah he was sub for most of them ( before you deleted that :wink:)


Good interview and he confirms what a sound lad he is


Hard to believe …


What a cock up that is…


I was wondering who would be first to rise up to the pun fest.


Full of stuck up pricks that place.


will be a serious erection sorry I mean election issue during the local erection balls I mean local elections


Lot of hard men down there apparently


I can hear the Pun Police coming…


Did they beep their horn?


They’re gonna built a brand new hotel to put them all up


Will there be a lift shaft installed?


They all just rise to the occasion! The Pfizer riser! :sunglasses:


Stop taking the piss out of the corkmen. They re putting a stiff upper lip on about this.


Truncheons in hand?


Is that a gun in your pocket or do you just live in Ringaskiddy …


It seems really bad in Dublin whenever i’m Back, had a few pints outside a well known City Centre watering hole recently and was asked for change every few minutes, all evening.


It’s terrible and it’s getting worse I walk down from parkgate street to O’Connell street in the mornings and it’s mental the amount of rough sleepers. The scariest part is that you come immune to it. These folks could be dead for all we know. It’s terrible it really is how the ■■■■ did we come to be like this? 8 years ago politicians cried over ghosts estates.


So little social housing being buolt, or affordable housing even. So much derelict/unused buildings around here, has to be part of the problem. Also air bnb has taken a lot of the rental stock out of the system (to make more money on short term lets). There’s no easy solutiona but addressing those would be a start.