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Anyone know what the deal with this year’s Sportsfile A Season of Sundays . It’s normally has just one cover but it seems to have a two different covers this year .From what I remember they normally only put one code on the cover .I’d prefer to get the Dean cover but on their site Canning is on the cover .Has anyone seen this in bookshops recently ?


They publicised this a lot in October. The people who tend to buy the publication come from the All Ireland champs, so both are available, just pick your preference. First time they ever did this. Good marketing if you ask me!


Yeah I have a couple already but yeah I don’t think they’ve done this before. But if you go to their website they only have the Canning one on it .


the sanction is to lose home advantaqge in their first league game the following year.

what if they are meeting a team who has doen the same, a neutral venue?

what if every division 1 team does it :crazy_face:

They should ahve done the kerry soloution - they have simply deferred their county championship till september.

on a side note, waterford had their football final last sunday.


Ray McManus from Sportsfile just emailed me back .
One book , Joe on front cover & Dean is on the back cover !



Mating ritual?


Things could get massey around here.


That’ll be very Deere to get fixed.


Ploughed into him.


He was probably trying to impress a girl and though this would a tractor …


That’s corny, amaize-ingly enough.


Click bait. It’s actually Drunk Driver drove car under tractor…


For all the slagging we get about being soccer loving West Brits, our lads can’t half speak the teanga … Maith sibh!


Ha ha ha I see that only now!! And the irony considering the post above!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


He does look like he enjoyed winning that


Paul flynn on newstalk now


Basticus is on twitter now !


Fair play for coming out and admitting it finally


Dub09 is more of a rugger bugger, striding around Glasnevin in his deck shoes thinking he’s in Donnybrook !