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Not quite true. There is a shocking level of homelessness in San Fran, worst I’ve ever seen too but its down to the mayor last year promising to house any homeless people who showed up. They came from all over California and they were totally overwhelmed and couldn’t manage. San Fran is actually quite wet and cold in the winter and they’ll head back to LA and San Diego for the winter. Fair play to the mayor but no one city could cope with all of California’s homeless.


Apparently Dublin & Mayo are going to South Africa on their team holidays …at the same time :rofl:. Ah , it’d be some craic if they ran into each other . Big place but , could you picture it .


Maybe but as we know, any meeting between the two ends with tears on the Mayo side. And lots of them



Yet another classy touch by a classy bunch of lads … or toe rags as they are known outside Dublin …


In our modern age of the internet, with all the information, articles and comment you come across you are sometimes stopped in your tracks by what you come across. Usually and most likely it’s because of something really disappointing and negative.This gesture by the Dubs is gladly one of the rare occasions were you pause and reflect at something so good words cannot do it justice.


What’s the story behind this ?
Something to do with ALS ?


Dunno - they obviously have a relationship with Anto since the Ravenhill game three years ago.




Has anyone came near to this? Doubt it …


Holy Jebus, that is some haul in one year.


And some questioned whether he could handle the pressure of Croker in August and September


As good as any player will ever do in one season. A few crackers of goals as well in front into a packed Hill 16 on the biggest stage that all young lads would dream of doing.


It’s the ease with which he gets back into hurling after playing football that amazes me. I feel getting back into football after playing hurling would be less difficult for most people.


Came across this beauty… ha ha ha…


Tommy speaks for everyone when he says in that “I’m not the manager, thank god”…


Ah fair dues to TL, he did his bit in playing down the hype etc.
Cons achievement this year is astonishing.



How far we’ve come when a manager refuses to release ‘his’ players.

Shame on those who have allowed this to come to pass over the last two decades or so.