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Fair play to all these


Getting up at 5.30am for a training session won’t be a problem that morning. Fair play to them all.


Great work there. It’s a messy issue. It’s about society. It’s actually a massive issue really but not at all simple. It’s not even homelessness per se, it’s the way we all live.


If that claim by the ISPCC is true that Ireland has the highest rate of child homelessness in Europe, I’m genuinely shocked.
How have we fallen that far ?


We were always pretty poor on child welfare.


Are those stats recent BD?


2016 JJF.
According to their report, homelessness has risen 287% in 3 years & 1/3 of homeless are minors.
What I never knew was that Ireland is “unique” in Europe in that it’s not obliged to provide accommodation for children.
It’s a depressing read at the best of times but especially with Christmas approaching.


Very depressing and heartbreaking. Fine Gael can shove their republic of opportunities right up their hole.


Successive governments can do the same, Jumpin’ Jack.
@Nappertandy’s post … … is startling. We all knew that this was how things were going, but the figures involved are alarming. I would find it hard to believe that Mick Wallace is a broke as his bankruptcy hearings suggested.


In a recent US trip I was shocked to see how many people are on the streets. We’re heading that way. Government after government continue to ignore the social contract and it’s only gotten worse since we’ve paid off the bankers gambling debts.


A little morsel of good news.


Seemed pretty bad to me when I was in San Fransisco despite been the home of Silicone Valley .


Really guys? Why are you traveling to these slums?


US city homelessness has been dire since 20 years ago. Poverty in the towns and rural areas has been continuous for a long time. It’s only going to get worse.


Chicago was bad the two times i was there - but in New York recently and while it was a few years since i was there - i couldn’t get over the amount of rough sleepers




Wrong about Meath. I remember my little Siemens very well


You’d see it routinely in the more rural areas. Kids without shoes are not uncommon. Credit card debt can only hide so much.


The worst levels of homelessness I ever saw in the states was in San Francisco. There would be somebody panhandling on each of the four corners of every intersection you crossed. Apparently a lot of it is to do with the climate. Homeless people travel to San Francisco (especially during the winter) as it is safer to sleep rough in, less change of dying of exposure.

The tech industry is also having an effect as all the money is pushing up rents drastically and resulting in people being pushed out of where they live. Those on the bottom of the housing ladder just lose their homes/rented accommodation.