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Great to see.

Jimmy is looking well :+1:


Damn straight, Jimmy K a true legend, not like some of these young bucks today who haven’t even had to lose a championship game…


Let’s keep the Rás on the road in 2018!!…
Possibly not the right thread to post this article, the rás is without a sponsor, a great race, needs highlighting, needs saving .


Great story.


Fair play to Jason Sherlock who tracked down the racist tweeter and confronted him. He probably wasn’t too brave when he couldn’t hide behind his keyboard.


Aren’t they all.


I’ll 'ave you!! :rage:


Does anyone have a link or a screenshot of the abuse Christie received?


There is a cycling thread I think in Foreign Games section if you want to post it there?




(Harry is one lucky bastard btw)


A fine lookin caillin she is . She is of mixed race too - I wonder has anyone told her about harry s granda phil and his views on race!!!


Not another bleedin wedding involving that mob.
That’s the tv on at work again to cater for the royalists oohing & aahing over dresses & feathered hats ffs!
Fat chance of it being turned on for a Dubs game.


oh and look, the tories just announced they wont be releasing the brexit impact reports … but who cares wha, there’s a royal weddin …whohoooo!

(and yes, she is a hottie)


Would nt you have neighbours up there who like this sort of thing. Get the red white and blue bunting out , give it a go you never know you might become a fan of the royals.


Not a chance. Can’t stand them.
Don’t like the other royals either. The ones from Leinster.


Few small Xmas pressies

Get them at


@dcr22B Are you back in the dodgy T-shirt business again? :wink:


Hahaha not guilty your honour!


Crazy horse … decent man.