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Dunno why these guys hang on so long when they have no hope of winning Sam.


I’ll miss Moper Sheehan’s miserable aul puss about the place. He mustve been a joy to have in the dressing room. A joy for opponents anyway. Better watch out though, he might still get selected… …as the goaly.


Oh , this is beautiful :blush::blush:


Poetic justice!
On the subject of copying, I loved this comment:
Craig O Brien
Replying to @JohnFogartyIrl
@JOEdotie @ballsdotie @hoganstandgaa you are all complicit in reducing sports coverage to mind numbing click bait articles. Such a travesty that proper journalism is now an irrelevance. We’ll done to the likes of @JohnFogartyIrl for keeping the lights on. #gaa



brilliant. thats the dressing room speeches for Dublin 2018 sorted.


It was already the dressing room speech for 2016 semi-final. Or was it 2017 around the league final time when it was first published? Either way it’s fodder for a while anyway. Shame he’s retired. Not many old whingers left now, they will get better once that old guard all gone. They turned into some bitter shower from about 2008 onwards.




This is a Hamlet Cigar moment…


Well holy God …



Passed a major incident in Kildare St there tonight. Lots of cyclists involved - it was like a bad mass pile up at a Tour stage finale - multiplied by 72. Hope everyone’s alright.


Horrible to see people spreading rumours about Lee Keegan health.


Lads - we should not link anything from that site to here.


Yep. Whatever ye think of Fogarty the alleged lifting of his articles word for word is out of order


…2015 final replay on eir sport now.


I had heard the rumour ages ago, didn’t want to post it, thankfully it was all a hoax.




You just gotta love this!!!