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I heard he was starting up a band called ‘Yorkie’ with Aido and gooch. Gooch is the dancer, Aido the lead vocalist, Marty the cool dude in the corner on bass. It’s going to be great.


It must be said …


Big heed and eyes close together, say no more


David Brady?


Jaysus he’s lucky he didn’t park it somewhere like Dublin Airport or the Mater here or he’d owe a few million euro!


Or was it Jermaine Pennant?



Good spot @Dub09

I see moper in chief Bryan Sheehan has retired from the Kerry team, I’m sure he’ll cherish his last gasp winner in the League final after all the pain we have caused him…


No comment as of yet from Jim Gavin as to whether or not it is a military coup in Zimbabwe and no one has ruled out rumours of Diarmuid Connolly being imposed as Mugabe replacement. Not good enough :joy:


Well , that’s the end of Sheehan .Can’t say I had any time for him but a fine player in his prime


Must set up a Bryan Sheehan depreciation thread …


All the tributes say he won 5 all Ireland s but sure it was 6 really ( 2011 was stolen sure )


Samuel Etto abandoned a few in the Barcelona car park apparently . Maybe it one of his!


“In 2011, I felt we were the better team. I’ll go on record: they stole that one off us. We let it slip through our hands.
“I thought 2013 was probably one of the best games of football ever played. It came down to…McManamon going for a point more so than a goal. It just slipped in. They won it.
“Then I think in 2015 we just didn’t perform to our capabilities. So I think we’re more than capable of beating Dublin. Fear is not an issue.”

he’ll have plenty of time to look for his stolen medal :joy::joy::joy::joy:


A few belters there :rofl:


The more they keep thinking they’re unlucky the better.

Enjoy these type of articles while they last lads


Think he only won 4. Didn’t think he was involved in 04 as was still minor.


The Kerry official site says he has a senior medal from 04 but also says he made his senior debut in 05. Maybe he stole a medal from the gooch s gearbag !


Hopefully donaghy is next. Gooch Sheehan and Dorothy bunch of bitter shites with their they stole, he has my medal etc.


Surely that should be in the jokes thread