Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Have no time for it but as long as some blazers are getting a trip and some IC players from the lesser counties are getting ‘recognition’ and there is no bad press it will likely continue.


Well in fairness no AI medal or even a Connaught medal the lad has to get something in return for his efforts. And his rock and roll is a decent substitute. Nice trade off!


Aido has a few Connacht Medals alright


I know but not in the last two years! Which is why the ‘other’ rewards are so important. :joy:


When an O’Sé throws it under the bus, the end is surely high. Hard to argue against his points.
As an aside, one media publication creating an article on the basis of an article written in another publication. WTF? :hushed:


Going on all the time now. Fenton article from last week another example.


Missed that. Takes lazy journalism to new depths. And I thought we’d reached the bottom! :neutral_face:


Stumbled across this article today on Jim Stynes. If you’ve had a sh!tty day, or even if you haven’t, it’s a good read.


Superb read , I must look at a few of the tribute videos for him on youtube .


Few great 1s all right.


Great read. Thanks for posting.


Marty reporting from Australia on the same sex marriage vote. Is there nothing that that man can’t not do?


Be a contestant in a beauty pageant?


he can’t seem to ■■■■ off and leave us all in peace.


I was watching a gardening program ( Super Garden ) on rte & he turned up on the episode announcing the winner , he’s fucking everywhere !


My missus is from the his parish in clare , I keep meeting him in the pub , even played in a 5 a side soccer match against him.


Bet he scored 8 goals, 7 from overhead bicycle kicks.

He’s great.



You forgot to mention he nutmegged you in that 5-a-side !


:joy: last time I ll tell you anything.


He isn’t rumoured to be on dancing with the stars this year. I’ve applied for tickets. You never know, he may run away with Mrs dubintipp.