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Don’t take much interest in arguing hypothetical questions, with no right answer, on something that happened 3 years ago.


Ah here, this is becoming a pattern with you. Did you read the post I did about it just above there or are you just having a laugh? It was in reply to your post about Kerry in 2013, which I quoted…

As regards “evidence”, naturally it’s all opinions and hypothetical. Nonetheless you posed the question, “If Kerry had beaten Dublin/won Sam in 2013”, and that they would “no doubt have beaten Mayo”. So the question now really should be, what’s that opinion based on? I’ve posted why I’m not sure that Kerry would have won that one.


No , no . I’m not on the wind up here or acting the magot . Honest :v:Actually I didn’t read it tbh , I’ll have a goo now .


Jayo fancy dress :joy::joy:


As good as Gooch was that day, and he was ridiculously good, Dermo was better :sunglasses:


Dermo is always better! Just got me blue tinted glasses re-tinted. :grin::large_blue_circle::large_blue_circle:


No blue tinted glasses necessary. He was better. Got MOTM in that game





BREAKING NEWS: Lee Keegan had been called into both the Irish soccer squad for the World Cup qualifier against Austria and Joe Schmidt’s squad for Saturday’s rugby union friendly against Canada


I thought he was been signed by Dundalk for club record fee of 1.2million. Contracts where signed with his agents COC and AOS?


Thinking back over a rake of years. I think Dermo is probably the best all round player I have ever seen. I loved Donellan in Galway, Maurice Fitz and other (but not so many) similar. I also loved the specialist players, big midfielders, knacky corner forwards, tough corner backs (with a special mention for Jonny Cooper, who is historically special). But I have never seen anyone who could play every position and excel in them all. Donnellan is the closest, but Connolly shades it. One guy I would have had close but injury curtailed him, is Connolly’s club manager Tommy Conroy, on his day, he was a genius .


Marc is on the go now !


Good honest read .
They are all really hanging their regrets on Maccer’s challenge on Crowley !
They should look inwards for the real reasons they lost that game.


Interesting stuff - not happy with T Se for hanging him out to dry. Macca the bulldozer indeed. Hopefully he won’t be the damn them with feint praise type.

Also Marc, we were going for 4 League titles in a row - not 3 … :wink:


Caption please :joy::joy:


Enda: “Mayo for Sam 2017”


Aodhan: “And those gobshites at club level, think we care about them?”


Taoiseach: ‘Holy God, Bernard - I thought we were watching the highlights of the year’?
Bernard :’ Well Cathal Mccarron’s certainly playing a stormer there!


Enda: "I can’t keep this fake smile going much longer , knowing that Brogan B…stard beside me gets to bring Sam home. "

Bernard " Ok Enda, I have my hand on the back of your neck anymore quips like that and I’ll choke ye ."

Aodhan: "You heard him Enda , just keep f…king smiling . "