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Will do. Damn work technology, they need to get it sorted so I can watch the game from Copenhagen whilst earning my wage tonight.

A friend of mine from the bogs said to me in some familiar argument of yerra hype, and bitter begrudgery after 2012, “what all of Ireland was really afraid of was if there was another decade of the Dubs”. Mwahhahahahahahaha :joy:


Far from the Twitter PR releases that we get now announcing inter-county retirements!


Nathan Mullins getting a call to the Donegal senior panel. If he was good enough i d imagine he would get a Dublin call up or are we in danger of missing out? What do our st Vincent’s contributers think?


Thought he’d be worth a run. Great fielding in semi final. Would call him up for getting up after James shoulder


What’s his connection to Donegal? His mother?


Might have been born there. His father was headmaster of carndonagh Community school in Donegal in the 90’s around the time he managed Derry.


Yeah he was born there when Brian worked in Donegal. He has played for Dublin and Donegal u21s .


Famously in that semi final scoring 2 points for Donegal in the first half before lining out for Dublin in the second scoring the all important goal in a two point win.


As long as he did nt wear one of those crappy half Dublin half Donegal jersey.


Nathan is a good player, he 27 now so maybe thinking it is a little late to break into the best team in the country. I couldn’t see him getting any game time for Dublin, especially if Vins go on and win Leinster. The Donegal set up would be much more achievable target for him. Best of luck to him.


Another ‘foreigner’ on Vins’ books …


Cheers :+1:t3:


International Rules at 5am!!!

Will be setting the clock for 4.45!!! To get up for a pi55 and then go back to sleep …


Will big aido actually score in this ???


I don’t think he did



Apparently he scores with lots of girls…oh to be an inter county footballer :wink:


No representation from the AI champs, for the 1st time ever AFAIK.

Throw-in scheduled for 4pm Australian time, showing no consideration for the potential TV audience of the visiting team.

Really, truly why does either side bother?


Yeah that’s right and the indo seem to more upset that anyone because they mention it every single chance they get. All in all I’d agree with MOSE here. What’s the point of this game?


Maybe they were showing some consideration for the Irish public. It’s bloody rubbish