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Well let’s hope there’s plenty of choreographed photos of the big man to win him legions of new fans down under. Well done Aido on picking up your third all star. All stars… gaelic games version of the X factor. Maybe Louis Walsh can manage the mayo team next.


The bould Aido will find himself the centre of attention on the pitch down under. Not exactly renowned for his mental toughness don’t expect that to work out too well for himself or the Irish team. Glad there are no Dublin players having to play with OShea as their captain.


To be fair to Aido he was brilliant at IR game last year and the game suits him. I think he deserves the captaincy after last year.


I’d say all the Dublin lads wished him all the best tbh.


It’s a makey uppey game . . . Captain of the International makey uppey team . . . FFS


Philly on Know the Score on rte , just caught the end of it . Is this the Irish version of A Question of Sport ?


Sean O 'Rourke just had the Monday sports panel there with some female journo saying that Cuala beating the Kilkenny champs was a first … only if you don’t count O’Loughlin Gaels last year and Clara the year before. And these people pick the All Stars …


I’d say the same club beating the Kilkenny champions three years on the bounce is a first but it doesn’t sound like that’s what she was saying.


Wouldn’t be able for these morons.Credit were it’s due. A DUBLIN CLUB BEAT KILKENNY CLUBS THREE YEARS ON THE BOUNCE.


The fact that Dublin hurling people aren’t losing their shi1t about Dublin team beating kk team shows you how far things have come.



If Aido won an all Ireland I think his mug woud be in every facet of media every day and it would be relentless - he’d even be doing cookery programmes on RTÉ

He’s not the worst though - Cillian o Connor as captain … Jesus


Aido is gold dust to the media. They love him. Next David Brady for the media gigs when he hangs up his boots.


He could do it from probably 45 mins next year …


What did poor ol Sonia o Sullivan do to deserve to be stuck between Brolly and dunphy on rte 2 greatest Irish sporting moments. If there was ever a good time to go for a jog now …


Couple of trips down memory lane from the Heffo era that I came across on RTE Archives. Never seen any footage from playing Meath in 1974 before.

and AI tickets flood the black market of 1977. Match day arrangements look oh-so random!


RTE do, in fairness, have some fantastic stuff on their archives webpage.


That video won’t play/doesn’t show an image to me. Anyway I really enjoyed the IT report. McCarthy eh? At a wild guess I’d say had to be a Yerra or a Rebel Yerra.

“Hopefully Sunday’s game will be a better affair than that described by Aidan McCarthy reporting for the Irish Times on the 1974 final.
“Dublin’s ineptitude in attack, the grossly sub-standard display by Meath, and the preponderance of fouls which had referee Paddy Cullen of Westmeath in constant action, all contributed to a less than auspicious game, a fact which could not be disguised by the rapturous acclaim of the success starved Dublin attendance, who gave their team a vociferous allegiance not merited by their performance.””


The 70’s equivalent of a Ewan McKenna, perhaps? :laughing:
Just shows that it has always been thus for some sports journalists, long before the word ‘online’ had been invented. Can you imagine how this guy went on to enjoy the original Decade of the Dubs? See what I did there? :wink:

And as an aside, has he not confused our Paddy Cullen with Westmeath ref Paddy Collins in that quote from the IT article?

FYI video worked for me on laptop & mobile. Worth a look if you can find a suitable platform to view it.


Another gem.