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I was joking. There’s no argument about d’All Shtars, “just saying Vietnam over and over again isn’t going to make any more sense of it!” Last years POTY award told us all we need to know.

On a much more significant note, great piece that by Brolly, that’s what we need to be seeing in media and it says alot that very few have commented on it. I presume that’s the latent anti-Brit/loyalist sentiment that so many Irish people hold onto against all reason sometimes.


Ah I know you where joking I just can’t get my head around it. Moran ok I can understand that. Clarke I simply can’t. It’s an outrageous decision.


When rock scores the winning point , if you are in Clarke’s position you would be thinking got to find a mayo player with this kickout no matter what , even if I have to wait and wait for right moment ,and what does he do ? Reverts to type with a high floating ball that doesn’t even stay in play .He panicked .
Cluxton in same situation ,you just know he would have made the right decision.


I’m in agreement with most on here in that Cluxton being overlooked yet again is a joke. As was pointed out the argument that Clarke was busier doesn’t hold given that he plays behind two all stars in his full back line in the eyes of the all star selection committee.
In fairness this was well flagged in Brehenys team of the year in the paper last weekend. He pointed out that Cluxton didn’t have a lot to do, despite big saves in all the big games this year, and that Clarkes brain fart with his last kick out was excusable because all the Mayo players were being fouled at the time. A lot of journalists are conveniently ignoring the fact that he didn’t even hit the pitch with the ball, let alone a Mayo player.
At the end of the day however I think the biggest reason Cluxton is continually ignored by the journalists is that he ignores them all year, doesn’t give them anything to work with, and in the true spirit of the Irish begrudger, this is their payback. Terribly petty but that seems to be what our journalists thrive on.


Stephens greatness is taken for granted these days . The Clarke award was a sympathy one . I wonder when he was accepting the award was the thought of his last kickout in the back of his mind .
Imagine how many all stars they’ll get if they actually win the AI .


2013 final , we are winning by a point . Ref about to blow up , picks out Jamsey perfectly in the middle , ref blows up .


In my opinion he’s definitely the second best in the country
He’s a long way behind Stevie but every keeper is .



Swap Stephen with Dean & is that spot on ?


Most of the indo sports writers ignore facts except for the ones they dream up. Breheny is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

They have one criteria for Stephen and easy pass system for Clarke. Leave them off to it the false economy will thrive on for another year.


Bart makes the point that Deano was somewhat anonymous last Monday but was well praised for his All-Ireland performance. Fair point.

A few things come to my mind reading that and other posts.

  1. Dermot was never going to win an All-Star this year. He probably couldn’t care less. He has won an All-Ireland medal and a county championship medal.

  2. Jamie and Deano, I reckon, would gladly hand back their All-Star awards in exchange for a winner’s medal from last Monday.

  3. Cluxton not winning an All-Star this year is a bigger ■■■■-up than Whelehan missing out in 1994. At the very least, Cluxton should have been this year’s All-Star goalkeeper. For me, he was player of the year, though I would not begrudge Andy Moran.

From next year on, I feel that All-Stars should only be given to players who DIDN’T win an All-Ireland. Players who win the All-Ireland have their due reward, keep the All-Stars as the sympathy awards that they have become. The balance to this is that the Player of the Year award is given to someone from the All-Ireland winning team.


Recognise maybe but certainly not lauded either here or nationally … any other Dublin forward scoring 4 from play never mind de winning free kick would be given a lot more recognition but dean just goes about his business at this stage to de point it’s not appreciated …

Maybe not PC on a Dublin website but last Monday is largely irrelevant to me and no judgement either way …


Can’t complian about Moran, he was phenomenal all year from what I saw. Always liked Moran as a player. Seems a decent sort.

Cluxton had his best year in a while, wouldn’t say he’s too bothered either way. Captaining your county to three in a row? Who needs all stars.


To be that petty minded and not pick cluxton because he won’t give interviews ?? Lads who voted want to fucking grow up .


Dublin have just won 3 in a row and the man generally credited as being the main driving force behind that (how often have we heard we wouldn’t win without Cluxton) hasn’t won an All Star in that period even though he is playing at the top of his game. It is mental stuff. Especially as the guy who won it was responsible for the Mayo collapse in the last few minutes of the AI. I don’t think a player should actually be penalized for a few plays, but Cluxton has in the past.

I don’t think Cluxton didn’t win it because of interviews or play or anything, I think it is just a feature of modern life. Cluxton takes responsibility for his kick outs, he isn’t kicking to management instructions, it his call. So on the odd occasion it doesn’t come off, people are looking at that and not the big picture.

Frankly I have lost a lot of interest in the whole thing since it went to a vote. No one is responsible any more and frankly what does some 17 year old on the fringes of the Waterford football team know anyway? The GPA are generally a dumbing down organisation anyway, and this is just further proof. Fair play to the guys for coming up with a novel way of conning young lads out of subscription fees and getting a nice job for themselves where they can play at being in the real world. But it’s a shame it impacts on serious footballers.


Aido thought he was great having a little pop at lads refusing the call for the international rules team when two seconds later a young superstar had to stop and think how many all Ireland’s he has won this year. Would have loved the camera to switch over to O’Shea in that moment.


James McGarry never won an All Star.

You are crediting the people who pick them with far too much intelligence.


missed that O’Shea. What was that about? The human wrecking ball of div 4 teams can’t be having a pop at anyone since he has mastered the art himself of not turning up.


Said “there’s a few of them here tonight” when talking about the international team and at the end he said he was looking forward to 3 weeks in Australia and with a grin on his face he finished with “why wouldn’t ya”


Mannion definitely coped it he looked at him and laughed at him when he said it. It’s on again now soon in rte1 anyway