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Barrett and Boyle exceptionally lucky to win All Stars too. Clarke over Cluxton is the farce everyone knows it is.

But I’d also argue Cian and Rock are very lucky to win all stars too. I will be forever grateful to Dean for his winning free, but I believe it was an average year by his standards. And on Cian, I think he is blessed to win one. There were many here, me included, who were naming him as the player who’d miss out in the backs on form before the Monaghan game. Think it was his worst year for Dublin if I’m honest. Jonny unlucky not to get one.


No problem with that . Love him or loathe him he’ll be remembered as Dublin’s most skilful player ever ( til the next one comes along ). He doesn’t need an all star to cement that .


On twitter:
#pwcallstars 4 Mayo defenders in the all Star team, beaten twice in championship, conceded an average of 1-13 a game.
Mayo a county thriving on charity.


Paddy Andrews not even nominated for a position in the full forward line. I find that mind boggling personally, hugely underrated.


I said it before but I’d struggle to give Clarke a game for a top dublin club side .


David Clarke Ha Ha Ha …


I thought this was Aidan’s best year . Other years he had no business getting one


Rock well deserved IMO … 4 points from play in final but largely seems to be unnoticed …


Having watched the county final I doubt it .

Cluxton is by far the best but Clarke is very good in my view .


Galvin klein the only pundit with brains to analyse Barret properly in the final. I guess the optics of knocking a ball out of an opponents hand far outweighs the actual cost he made to his team. Charity begins st home or in mayo.


I would like to add to the rage here. Just read the article in the the Irish times. I take the point Clarke was the busier keeper during the year but then you have to apply a logic that he was busier because his defense was weaker yet Mayo had 2 of the 3 full backs on the All Star team.

Again O Shea gets an All Star, he did nothing in the two semi finals games as he was roasted by KD at full back and he did less in the final against us. Ok Keegan kept Kilkenny quiet in the final but killkenny was far more influential throughout the year.

And what is it with Boyle getting one, the lad didn’t finish a game all year, sure we could all give it sock for 40 minutes in each game in the knowing we are coming off anyway

Lastly, why was Dean Rock picked at half forward, the lad would get a nose bleed if he came outside the 14.

If Dublin win Sam again next year they should give it a miss. Stupid things run by begrudgery


He went fairly un noticed last Monday …

However his performance in the AI final was more then recognised . Great game


He had a very good year even by the lofty pedestal that the media having is in on. But an average county player with three all stars. I guess twitter works.


Clarke is very poor Bart.

After been shocked that he won an all star last year despite being dropped in the replay ( cluxton gave a master class from kick outs in the same game ) I watched clarke very closely in the league game against us in march and his kick outs were nothing short than appalling - he is no good.


Key difference between Clarke and Cluxton is the last ten minutes of the All Ireland final. Clarke kicks the ball out when they need to keep it to force a draw whereas Cluxton is centrally involved in seeing out the game under intense pressure.

Granted, the award is based over the entire season (although Barret seems to have got the nod for one standout performance, in the final) and Clarke was busier (good point above about how this isn’t reflected in the fact that Mayo have two fullbacks in the All Star team), the fact that what is generally seen as the most influential player of the modern era hasn’t got one in years is a strange anomaly.

On Moran as POTY. I think it’s deserved. McCarthy is very unlucky, and it must have been a tight call, but Moran kept Mayo in it all year - they could have, and should have, been knocked out in the qualifiers.

All told, Dublin win the All Irelands. All the rest is window dressing.

(Also, good point made in the Irish Times, I think. R O’Carroll was All Star fullback in 2015. Since he left Dublin have had two other All Star fullbacks.)


How did the Sunday Game team compare to last night?


I think Barrett getting the nod over Cooper is just as mind boggling as Clarke over Cluxton. Some nonsense spouted over Barretts performance in the final. Did some things well, did others dreadfully. Dermos pass to Rock and his foul on Dermo for the winning score just two examples of rash, poor defending


Agree on barret and I’ll refer again to galvin kliens article on him aswell. But that’s all stars for ya. Where fairness and impartiality are the last criteria to be used. Sentiment and ah Shure… are the order of the day.


I love the way all your fill in the gaps English test for angry people answers showed up in the quote before I posted it! :joy:


I can take everything else al but the cluxton decision is downright nasty and begrudging.