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I think we’re more upset than him :joy:. Honestly , from what I’ve been told about him from a member of Parnell’s he wouldn’t give a flying ■■■■ about this . He’s not about personal achievements like that . He puts the achievements of the team before rewards he may get . That first AI in '11 will mean more than any award he’s given .


Remind me again who picks the all stars ??



Deep breath…and relax. If you like we can swap places next year…we will gladly take Sam while ye can have all 15 All Stars.

Must say yer a bit less hysterical on here than those over on Facebook who are calling on a boycott of Mayo good Israeli style :wink:


I’m gonna organise a Testimonial for Stepho! A great big gala ball celebrating his career. I’ll be giving *cough *cough % to some … er random … I mean his favourite charities.

We’ll have Yerra men with anecdotes … ‘Yerra anyways I gave him the ball and said fair fucks to ya and the next minute there he was - gone. Down the tunnel like the Eurostar’ …

Marty will be interviewing Jim ‘yes, no, yes, no - the process, thanks.’

We’ll have a red faced David Clarke handing back Stephen’s All Stars and there will be a disco to finish with DJ Fennel.

Tickets only €300 or you can have a 10 seater table for the knockdown of €2,990 …


Oh no , are we heading down the Ciaran Donaghey route here , no thanks !


This. If you’re superficially a great lad & good crack, they’d be drooling all over you which says more about the awards than anything else. That’s why I’m past worrying bout it. Clucko lets his boots do the talking. You’re remembered for your AI medals not your All-Stars. As it should be.


You’re experienced enough by now, surely, to know to avoid that black hole on nights such as this… :wink:


■■■■ it as much as it sickens me Moran and Clarke have every chance of retiring with ■■■■ all AI medal. I’d say they woukd swap their awards for even the presentation box a Celtic cross comes in. It’s a joke shop and it’s the media way of getting back at the dubs. Let them have it and ■■■■ them. ■■■■■


From Wiki, “The composition of the All Star teams are decided on the basis of a shortlist compiled by a selection committee of sports journalists from the national media, while the overall winners are chosen by inter-county players themselves.”


Yeah the players pick the POTY awards. Personally delighted for Andy. Was surprised Clarke got it over Cluxton to be honest.


Have to hand it to JOE brolly summed it up nicely " all stars is now the male version of the rose of Tralee " :joy::joy::joy:


Always liked Joe .Saw this while reading his tweets . We take alot of things for granted in this world


I doubt there was many Mayo fans heading out of Croker on 17 September consoling themselves with the fact that at least David Clarke had earned himself an All Star …


Good article read it during the week :+1:


I’d say they were cursing the red faced Clarke

Clarkes last three kick louts in the final could not have been worse


Agree All Stars lost credibility after Whelehan in 94. Then you had Peter Canavan 2008 and Graham Canty 2010 been picked for sentimental reasons.


Of course not…I doubt real Dublin fans leaving Croke Park that day were too concerned about All Stars either. As I always say the sam is the only thing that matters


The All Stars were always a joke. One contraversial selection every year almost since it began in the early seventies. Two reasons for that (I) it gives the Journalists something to write about for a few days in the GAA media silly season (ii) the coverage give the awards sponsors loads of coverage and publicity as the controversy is discussed and written about with the result that sponsor sponsors again the following year and the Journalists get their all expenses jolly to foreign parts every second year or so.
It’s not about who is the best it’s about the media feathering their own nests.


Aidan O Shea now has more all stars than Diarmuid Connolly. If ever there was a sentence which proved how farcical these awards are, this would be it.