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Moran POTY


Simply fucking outrageous …,


Let’s remind ourselves that Mayo have no trophies to show for their efforts in the last two years


Keegan getting hurler of the year


Shameful & bitter tokenism


But two Players of the Year :joy::joy::joy:


I actually haven’t a problem with Moran getting POTY but Clarke ahead of Cluxton in the All-Star team is shambolic.

7 All-Stars, Con with YPOTY. I’ll take that. Anyway, it’s all mere confetti fluttering in the breeze compared with the hard cash currency of AI medals.


Revelino on mayo blog says joe canning getting hurler of the year proves mayo are better at hurling than Galway cause mayo is beside Galway and canning s hurl is made from mayo ash(probably).


I think it also helps if you’re a media darling ( or not) - the media pick the all stars


We should be getting 10+ every year that’s the truth. Cillian O Connor nominated … huh? For what … histrionics?


How Clarke got an All Star I do not know, let in more goals than Cluxton (and a higher average per game), had a worse kickout and made crucial errors at the end of the AI final. My best guess is that they didn’t wasn’t to give Dublin 8 awards.

Moran for POTY is okay, I probably would have gone for McCarthy, but there is no doubting that Moran had a great year and was the sole reason Mayo got through several of their games.


Johnny Cooper should also have got an All Star without any doubt.


Toss up between Jonny and Higgins. Mayo will always get the casting sympathy vote.

The Cluxton one is a disgrace. There’s no logic behind that just biased bollox!

As already said this sympathy vote shite does Mayo no favours in getting the AI. We’ll keep winning AIs while they keep getting their awards. A Mayo team that had won fk all last two years. No AIs, no Connachts, no leagues. Fk all yet they’ve got 2 x POTYs, 1 x Young POTY and 11 all stars. :grinning:


Surprised the mayo supporters didn’t get an all star with their mad flag waving and taking over the hill jappery .


I’d agree with all of this tbh . I personally think there is a dislike out there for Stephen even though they know he should be getting an all star . Throw in abit of begrudgery too . He’s lifted Sam 3 times as Captain , that’s something none of these who voted will achieve . I think hell be happy enough with that .


Don’t forget 3 runner up medals :wink:


Stephen’s non-engagement with the tossers that pick these undoubtedly has an influence. The more I think of it the happier Stepho is each time he’s snubbed!!

But they are a joke and Cavanagh getting one was a load of crap too.


He’s won 5 all stars but most of them when we weren’t winning

By my reckoning he should have won 4 more at least


Had serious deja vu watching that and couldnt work out why. Then I recalled last years awards shambles.
F’ing disgrace Cluxton didnt get an all Star. Yeah the celtic crosses are all that matters but its a joke that Clarke was chosen over him.


And the nation’s sweet hearts