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Clarke is a liability


You can drink tonight - it’s called the Nine First Fridays. I go by that rule anyway.




Just give Mayos starting 15 the full 15 All-Stars and be done with it.

Dublin have Sam. That’s what counts.


It doesn’t mayo any favours getting sympathy votes


Whatever about Cluxton not getting all star last year he was clearly best keeper this year. All stars aren’t a joke they’re a farce.


Some laugh if he got player of the year .


Not only was he not the best keeper but his meltdown in the Final most definitely cost his team any chance of winning. Have hit a new low in credibility with that one - on a par with Whelehan. Journalists …


They ll be crying out West that keegan did nt get one the cheeky fucks.


We may get 7 all stars for once


Sam pity being taken to level unknown in the history of sport. All credibility lost, amature sport but professionaly corrupt.


Con :clap:


Dublin 7 Mayo 6 Tyrone 1 Kerry 1


Cavanagh gets an All Star when he should’ve got a 6 month ban. Aido a 3 time All Star … :joy::joy::joy:


O’Shea… jesus


Even though cluxton was robbed , 7 is the most all stars we have won since 1995


There’s a thing …


YPOTY has to be Con surely


Con fully deserved :clap:


:drum: roll…