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Hearing of one of the lads here in work that Clarke got an All Star.


To go with his Celtic Cross !! Oh Wait . . . No

Any player wants a Celtic Cross more than a sympathetic All Star.

We know what Cluxton did for Dublin . . . Number 1 in every sense


If it’s true it’s a joke. I know it doesn’t mattter to Cluxton but it’s bloody wrong if it is the case. He was by a distance the best keeper this year


totally agree and your point from a previous post about Clarkes kick at the end of the game. Jokeshop.



Stop worrying about All Stars.

Two words

Brian Whelahan.

That is all…


Maybe Cluxton should turn up to the awards with his 5 Celtic Crosses pinned to his jacket :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Fucking joke if the roles were reversed no would Clucko be getting it.

If true shows you how many of those players from other counties are spiteful pricks.


It’s not worrying Alan - it’s calling out bullshit


Correct either the All Stars is about picking the best players or it’s not. Cluxton was by far the best keeper. This isn’t some 50/50 decision


Your pal revelino is back on form on wj mayo pravda blog. Claims that logic dictates mayo should get more all stars as the dubs needed 21 players to get past their best 15. Don t think you need to parody him at all. Beyond any type of help of all some of those lads.


Jesus Christ that boggles the fucking mind.


Said on here previously, these awards are a joke at this stage. As far as I know a couple of the Dubs lads have decided to head away on holidays rather than bother with the night. If Clarke gets the All Star it sums up how ridiculous these awards are and they have zero value anymore. I would honestly be embarrassed collecting the award if I was Clarke.


It’s been bullshit since it’s inception. And there’s no bias involved. They’ve screwed it up for everyone at one time or another.


No bias? You’re having a laugh!


I think he means no bias from alanoc.

Not the Sympathy All Stars Selection Committee


He had no problem with embarrassment last year !!!


Not watching but would appreciate updates as well as a meltdown here later :rofl:


All Stars. Halawa and McGregor on LLS. What a sh1t Friday to start dry November


Could half understand last year given his shot stopping superiority and the fact he was dropped for the unsuccessful final. But this year he made a bollix of the final and Cluxtons shot stopping has been excellent.


Clarke. Fn unbelievable