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Loser of the year award !!!


I guess we are all assuming James & Stephen dont have a chance if the players are voting . Another sympathy vote for Mayo ( he had a great year to be fair ).


Not a hope our lads will win as 31 county country players are voting

There are plenty of anti dubs in the All star selection committee as well so i won’t be surprised if more sympathy All Stars go to the likes of Clarke as goal keeper even though Cluxton was a hundred times better


Cant see Cluxton getting either I’m afraid. Clarke and Moran will almost certainly get the vote. Regardless, Cluxton has five all Ireland medals. Moran and Clarke have fúck all.


Sure the greatest footballer of this or any generation never got poty, I think Stephen will be just fine with that :grinning:


I wouldn’t have said Stephen is the greatest of all time though


I was referring to the Gooch


If Cluxton does not get an All Star it will make an even bigger mockery of an award that has steadily gone down the tubes in terms of credibility in recent years.


It cant get any worse than it is. Ill bet your 18 kids that Clarke and Moran will get POTY and an All Star. Its a joke shop.


Ok. So if you’re right I’ll send them over!


Are they any good at plastering? Need a few walls skimmed.


The eldest six aren’t bad though Sorcha can be a bit heavy with the trowel.


Good to know.


I thought you meant Dermo :slight_smile:


Shoe in’s for All Stars appear to be :
Mick Fitz
Jack mc

Cluxton should be a guarantee in but i have no trust in that committee

Rock and Cian have good chances. Personally I’d give Johnny Cooper one also but he won’t win one


Cluxton should be the first name on the sheet … in every way.


He probably had his best season from a shot stopping perspective . I can see him not getting poty but for him not to win an all star would make a mockery of the whole thing . It will simply be shown up for the popularity voting contest that it is .
Whatever the outcome tonight I don’t think people will be happy .


I know you should never read the comments, but I made a mistake and did. What a particular snidey one this is at the end of this.

‘You’ve got to make hay when the sun shines, it won’t last forever’ - Ger Brennan


Tbf to Ger he knows all about haymakers :joy:


Kerry man Sports Ed even has a typo in congrats message … Indo … quality.

Well done Martin for getting an award for writing down what two lads told you. Exclusive. Journalism awards … :joy::joy::joy: