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Ringrose is a top bloke - he tweeted ’ inspirational dubs’ after we won all Ireland


Wtf O’Mahony’s jeans! :roll_eyes: Either I’m (still) out of touch with fashion or it’s Galvin Klein committing a crime.
I just cannot stand the sound of Parkinson’s voice.


What’s gas is the Dublin team gets more respect from other sports then it does from its own


They sometimes get more praise from other sports than they do in here.



Is that James McClean?


Won’t somebody think of the Children…'s Hospital that will get an as yet unspecified cut of the loot/ proceedings.


OTB now have a morning show on Facebook at 7.45am . All we need , more of Gilroys mug on video .


Good & very interesting interview with Jayo on OTB this evening. Just caught it by chance. Available as podcast.


People still listen to Newstalk after they kept the rape apologist on staff and sacked the protest group.

great bunch of lads.



Jayo pretty much won us our one All-I in 28 years with his goals, especially Vs Cork which completely turned the game, and the one he more or less scored in the final bravely by going into a full clash with Tyrone’s massive goaly, and which got us a lead we could (just about) defend. At the age of 18.


True. No argument there
Never warmed to him personally and he abandoned his club too when it suited him


Could have sworn I saw you on the Hill in '95, Bart, singing “A Boom! Boom-Boom, lemme hear ya say Jayo”.


In between when he retired from Dublin and his current role in the Dublin Setup, he did a small bit of media work and proved to be a very smart observer of the game – he also got himself a MBA during this period

It’s no surprise he’s doing very well in his coaching/selector role. We’ve three all irelands out of three since he joined Gavin’s management team.


Yeah, but we lost to Kerry in a League Final this year.
Sack him!


Too soon.
I’m still devastated over that.


Get back to me when he wins an O’Byrne Cup.


Don’t care what he’s like personally but what’s the wanton abandonment story, is it clear-cut, does anyone know the whole details?


Tonight’s the night Andy picks up POTY award :blush: