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Ranger, at what point was I laughing?


I wasn’t trying to defend anything he did.

There’s something in Glennon’s story about his mother seeing Glennon’s car outside the bookies, going in and and asking the manager where he was. She gets told that he’s not on the premises. A week later, the bookmaker calls around to the family home looking for a grand that Glennon owes him.


He got the GPA to send them his feather preening statement, that is exactly the same thing.

No one is laughing about any of this, especially stealing from an old age pensioner. Gambling may well be a disease, and many people have it - but they don’t all swindle money out of old guys.

I wasn’t particularly judging Gleeson on any of this, in general I believe that good people can do bad things, but when he puts out a statement listing his achievements he is inviting judgement. I don’t like these gushing retirement statements in general, from Dublin players or anyone else, but I think this one is particularly unwise given a) the tone of it b) the proximity to the crime and c) the nature of the crime.


It is all terribly sad I think, everyone involved is a victim of some sort, particularly his family. But I do think when something like this has happened, and it is recent - then the release of a retirement statement like that is ill judged. Something along the lines of ‘I’m retiring, thanks to everyone who supported me’ would be fine. Sure he could flesh it out a little, but to list all he won etc. was over the top. Tipp obviously stood by him hugely over the whole thing, so saying thanks to them would be good - but the rest is just long winded and wrong under the circumstances in my opinion.



Good f**k. What a proper cu*t.


‘‘ill judged’’ he knew what he was up for, for ■■■■ sake.


Excellent synopsis of where we’re left standing after this sorry episode. God only knows what the victim & the Humphries family must be thinking/feeling tonight


Might give this a listen later.


Such class - on and off the pitch. We should take our cue off these lads. They don’t concern themselves with what anyone says - they just rise above it and live life to their own standards. Lot to be said for it.

They even have a Corkman, Br Kevin, cheering!!

Genuine role models …


Jason on late show tonight


Myself and Bart @TheLoneRanger delighted to get our picture taken with Gooch and Donaghy at the testimonial pre-drinks reception …


Might not be a million miles away from what you two really look like? :smirk:


Excuse me Robert Redford and Paul Newman if you must know :joy:


Meal wasn’t bad…




Surprisingly good effort . I’m actually impressed ( takes a lot to do that )


Good man Gooch. ■■■■ the begrudgers


To hear how Garry Ringrose talks about the Dublin GAA team is quite incredible