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I’d say he lost his Beamer after a mad night in Coppers and came back from some student teacher’s flat not able to remember where he left it. Probably illegally parked outside the Garda Club…


And half the Dubs won’t be cheering for their own county either, I know a few of them. The real map would make the Dublin support look like Lichtenstein, or a map including Fine Gael gains in the city after the next election.

Just on the subject of travel to training etc, sure weren’t we always told back in the good old days that it was the other teams travelling together and bonding through their being away and so on that helped them to perform better than Dublin in Croker.


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Didn’t have to fix anything for you there, you’ve even got the right smiley.


Jaysus, don’t know how I thought Michael Carruth, yea he wasn’t giving away anything


On the topic of teams travelling for training. Have a look at the Na Fianna gym timetable. The gym is booked out for 4 hours a week (Mon & Wed) solely for Roscommon.


Mustn’t be much of gym! :grinning:


i really enjoyed sports joe podcast especially with Stevo. I know he hates the dubs but he does a good show.
Conan and Wooley both went for a draw sort of close match, stevo went for a dublin win.
My heart goes out to mayo but i cant under any circumstances see Mayo beating dublin for lots of reasons.


Didnt know ya had a heart. Don’t be showing compassion… they would trample without compassion all over Jackie and Dub09’s 12 kids for a win. I’d like to see Mayo win an All Ireland, but not at our expense. Never ever at our expense.


i was speaking to a few dublin players about O Callaghan and possibly a weakness of ruffling him up but by all thoughts O callaghan would frighten most of them hes as solid as cluxo.


Good to have you back … if not your imagery …


thanks dub love the site just the click need to embrasse the rest to grow this site and maybe theyll make money.
all opinion should be tolerated and dont take it all serious… Just like the club


i think the biggest worry for the dubs is having to go to the gibson. so i believe


He isn’t small .
He’s about 5-11 and 13-14 stone . He’s always looked big on the pitch even at underage


what i heard is he is dictating the training sessions, a future leader in the making


Sounds like my player profile at Under 13


love to see costello with him tbh, so would his mother so she says


Was thinking about Cormac earlier. He didn’t have a great year last year but what a finish and then has an injury ridden year this year. Here is a guy that could be the next Con!!

Hope the future is kinder to him but he’ll always have 2016 either way.


i think the natural ability is there tbh, hell be up front soon

the only position i worry about is goalkeeper


Jim isn’t a fan by the looks of it . So the omens aren’t good . Pity


Injury has been the main issue this season for sure. Next season will be key for him