Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


The players aren’t the ones moaning about the situations they put themselves in.

Btw you’re the only Culchie here :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Well the late great Johnny Moroney pulled every connection he ever had to get that in WIT along with Gerry Fitzpatrick and others - that’s the difference !


Agree! So this what those generals feel like when they are smiling like churchills around the little fat bloke in North Korea!


Living with them has helped me spot them and self hating dubs🤔


Wondering if today is the day they’re executed by artillery fire.



Could he not just say there was serious fighting with cluxton and Fenton walking off the panel. He is half kerry after all.


Oh dear

But …


Phew …


Hargo retired years ago!


Did it revert back? Maybe the media refer to him as that only, but I don’t know. But Cullen has a different job anyway, he is responsible for every team, not just the senior football team.



The natural order of things.


Prick just forgot where he parked it.


I was talking to Small todsy. He said the best game they got this year was the a v b game this week. He said he’s still in flitters. It was savagery. The lads were like lunatics tearing into each other.


Caught the end of Newstalk tonight, who was the Dub he was interviewing? Was it Michael Carruth?


Yeah I think his actual position is high performance manager, he’s the S&C for the Senior footballers and probably maps out the strategy and leads several other S&C’s for the various inter county teams, he seems to be doing a good job although I had some reservations at one point on him, I know Martin Kennedy (NADA) is missed there and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back one day, but hats off to Brian Cullen on a great job.


All the moanin bout havin to travel for work… Try de dublin to Singapore commute ️ya pussies :stuck_out_tongue:


Alan Brogan, didn’t give anything away but was entertaining enough.


I think the Dublin colour on the map is misleading. Half of the people in Dublin are from other counties and certainly won’t be cheering for Dublin on Sunday