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You got to go where the work is as they say. I feel very lucky to be able to live and work in my home county when so many other’s can not.


Yes that nails it I think. I said here before the Ty game that Dublin were a different shape to Tyrone and to most other counties (Mayo being an exception). It was a brave call by Gavin but it has worked. I think it was first signalled when they gave their S&C guy the title ‘athletic coach’, while everyone else was still S&C.


It should have been a reasonable point, but what he actually said was that GAA players hadn’t the dedication to sit around all day. It was a stupid and crass thing to say so I think it deserved a bit of kick back.

That probably isn’t what he meant to say, but if you haven’t the brains to do it, you shouldn’t be taking the media’s shilling.


Not sure if it was JG who gave the nod on the name change, NADA was the catalyst for the conditioning in this Dublin era, when we lost them to the Rugger and Brian Cullen came in it reverted back to S&C, the title has no bearing on it really anyway, it’s the substance where the difference is


yeah but MM you shouldnt have to in a small country like ours, and whatever excuse there was back in the day is long gone. its simply government policy since 2002 to have almost everything open on the east coast, or in Galway/Limerick/Cork. The rest of us can go shite as far as the IDA/Shannon Development and whatever quango is not managing your economic investment properly is concerned.

there are still remnants of the advance industrial unit culture which worked form the 60’s into the 90’s all over tipp, some of whom are doing well. we have had literally nothing in the past 20 years except when alan kelly did a stroke and got a big investment in nenagh and one in silvermines. its begs the question.


Any chance that Cavanaghs legs just gave out on him on our game with them?
When the end comes it comes quick, and Cavanaghs view that we were a team of supermen may have been skewed by the fact that he was running in treacle on the day in question.
Sure he was hooked as well, which may or may not substantiate my argument.


Not so sure, Would have to be kept in mind that he was only 1 of 15 players


Yes but no one has to travel, it’s a decision the players makes to work away from their county. Dublin players of the past have worked and lived outside the county. Others have emigrated and stoped playing. Simone in mayo does not have to travel to dublin or cork to become a teacher for instance these are choices


But they do have to travel there to study to become a teacher so will be travelling til 23 orw4 st least


Just to say the GAA does not pay players

From what your saying you think they should compromise their careers for their county
Long term that isn’t sustainable , but in my view it’s why we are inevitably heading towards semi professionalism


Where Did i say that?

There are universities in Galway, Sligo, letterkenny. How does going there differ to a dublin player going to maynooth or tracking across the city to UCD.

People make personal and career choices to move out of their county and county’s accommodate them by putting on training close by. The alleged advantage in this on minimal.


Maybe their course of choice isn’t available anywhere except Dublin .

This debate is getting nonsensical now


Primary school training colleges in Dublin and limerick only. Never a university in lettrrkenny or sligo


There are ITs plenty of choice near by if so inclined.

You culchies are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this argument.


You are showing absolute ignorance of college education, show me a primary school teacher training course in any IT.

And respectfully loose the inaccurate culchie moniker…


And i pick primarh teaching as a lot of be a players chose it


The days of only few of the ITs having second rate kit in the gyms is long gone . I can recall when WIT got their first performance lab , and other related equipment followed , then a second and so on . IT Tralee have similar levels as do Letterkenny and GMIT - Mayo also has Breaffy House sports centre ( don’t even think of looking at Templemore … ). Probably the likes of UCD and DCU have more than others , but I believe it’s the quality of players and trainers using the gyms and equipment that is really critical .


And they can’t get a feckin Cath lab down there!!!


You can do teaching in GMIT and primary teaching in limerick, so stop talking hoop. You probably aren’t aware if this but dublin players have gone to China and Africa in recent years to study. This again was their personal decision they didn’t whinge that that had to do this. They got on with it. Similarly the best full back in the country in not playing. So if you’d don’t like the commitment of playing for your team or county stop. No one is forcing you to.


The tension builds…