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It all depends on the manager if they are to travel home for training and also the game that’s coming up too.

I know previous Mayo management wanted players travelling back some weeks for training also Jim Mc Guinnes, Clare players too.

Of course Dublin players have a massive advantage in that they don’t have far to travel for training compared to others.


well, jim had a helicopter, which was lucky.

but the lads in mayo and clare are not being called to collective training during the week at home which is what this debate is about. this is what is hinted at in the 42 article and elsewhere. i have no doubts that they go back home at weekends. who knows, they may even get the aer lingus regional over to knock and be there in half an hour saturday morning.

and as i said, no matter what way you look at it - even if they were driving to castlebar every night of the week to bounce a ball once and drive back to dublin - it hasnt effected mayo one bit.

they are just as fit as we are, they are as likely to win on sunday as we are. doesnt that suggest the whole argument is bogus?

i mean, they’re copying what kerry did in the 70’s and 80’s and that never worked out for them.


They do travel to Mayo twice a week though. I know this for a fact. A bus picks them up at Liffey Valley. Once during the week and the weekend. One session is done in Dublin with the Dublin based players.

However I believe he entire squad train at all times together for the past two months. Some sessions taking place in Athlone.


Nope you’re wrong I know for a fact some travel home mid week for training.

And no direct flights from Dublin to Knock for about the last 5 years :wink:


so once a week to mayo? the weekends really dont count, and there are sessions in dublin as well. thats far from the impression being thrown around the place.

and as i said, its not preventing them from matching dublin and i would imagine both teams are in a camp somewhere for most of this week as well.


same reply as to mayoman.

they should look into restoring that flight, by all accounts they’d have a lot of regular customers.


But it disproved your original point . It’s absurd to say Dublin don’t have an advantage in this regard . Luck of the draw for us


F*ck it…

Let’s make Castlebar the capital.


It’s not Dublin’s Fault that the squad work in the capital , is it it an advantage over Teams who have players working in Dublin - absolutely.

My Old job in Galway had numerous Galway Hurlers working in the factory and was the same in other jobs to keep the lads in the county. As i stated before , Corfin had the same with a heap of the footballers working in the factory as one of the HR lads played out there to stop them emigrating off to Oz.

Its always been the same , uncle of mine and 2 or 3 other lads drove to donegal twice during the week in the early 90’s in shit cars and shit roads compared to today , 8 hour 320 mile round trips back in the day. Cars today are sponsored - the roads are motorways and are quicker and safer.


no it has not.

if dublin were pullmeting mayo every championship then yes, but the fact we are not, says otherwise.

and do you recall what the “original point” was at all?

it was how a journalist bypassed the disproving of one myth (that dublin cant have jobs because of how fit they are) to another (they dont have to drive as far to training)

what have we got as a rebuttal?

some mayo players get driven to and from traning one weekday. If a dublin player was driven to training there would be uproar (or helicoptored).

its a hell of a long drive to mayo, esp on a bus, i assume its mayo they are going to. do they get time off work for it? you know what would happen if our lads got time off work -because lone - thats the “original point” again. the lad on the 42 would be up in arms about it, sean cavanagh brought it up for that reason.


Chill out chief.

Every County player gets the time off work just as every county board flogs All Ireland tickets for a profit for fundraising - people get annoyed when its highlighted as the exception rather than the norm.


im going back to the original point again - what was said was that the dublin players were not working. that was disproved and then we get “its unfair that dublin live so close together, and it is an advantage”

but it isnt, because if it was, then we wouldnt have scaped over the line against these exhaused, black eyed, wrecked teams over the years. cavanaghs point, and the point made by kevin o brien isnt valid, how the teams are prepaired is.

somehow mayo are prepaired, despite having ten players in dublin. tyrone werent.


sorry bosco, but i am entitled to point out the hypocrasy in the media whereby no comment is made about other counties players getting time off to work because thats fine, helicopter flights are fine, getting transported back home and back again is fine, but any suggestion of it for us is tainted with “professional players” in a manner which suggests that they are literally paid players.

and it all rolls into the big aul “dublin money” angle.


Paper doesn’t refuse ink.
chap writes a piece that the dubs get angered by , non dubs love and its job done.

its the times we live in these days


absolutly, and yes, ill readily admit its worked on me. the hair may be getting whiter with age, but its still ginger at the roots!

i really do not belive that any possible disadvantages of having to go back home are so much that dublin derives a massive advantage, espically now that abbotstown is up and running and we have motorways.

lets forget mayo, donegal, etc for a moment. what excuse for meath? kildare? Laois?


Sure jack mccaffrey cycles accross the city to train with his lunch hanging off the handle pick ups from liffey valley how are ye.


How does the weekend not count? It is still 3 hours in a car/bus.


depends when they go down and all that.


i’m going to zen out.

i dont accept the notion, i’ve said why, i respect any contrary opinion and wont be throwing words like blinkered about. maybe that word along with the agenda on that 42 bit just annoyed me too much. the one thing i know is that if mayo lose on sunday nobody in the team will be playing this card.


How come they haven’t arrested this guy that forces all these Mayo people up to Dublin at gunpoint to work and study?


there are a lot of guys that could fit that description. its odd how pressure groups got the Western Rail Corridor and the M18 (?) built but proper economic investment? nope, even with enda in charge.