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Hook about to sling his …

Gotta admire a guy like Kilbane who made a career for himself with very limited ability. And at football as well …


Have any of the Off the Ball crowd been active on the Hook thing? Thought some of them would be front and centre signalling like ■■■■ on that.


Sky on a red button I’d imagine. Final episode is Monday week not this Monday. It’s been very good.


It’s not.

It starts off on one argument, Sean kavanaghs one inferring that they are full time players. Instead of accepting they are not, he moves to the “lots of driving” argument.

He picks the Tyrone chemist, but it doesn’t apply to him, he literally has the day off to go to training. That is EXACTLY the argument being made about our players.


He then mentions the ten Mayo players and infers that they have to go from Dublin to Mayo for training during the week. They don’t, they train in abbotstown, and he doesn’t mention it.


Not to mention the whole “they live and train in Dublin” argument is totally bogus. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take days to transverse it a county to go,to training. Despite the humour involved, the main roads in rural Ireland allow you to drive at 100kph and more and at evening time virtually unhindered by traffic.

Having to train in your county hasn’t stopped tipp or Galway winning hurling all irelands, where it can easily take an hour to drive to training.

Given the shite traffic in Dublin it could also take some of the Dublin team an hour to get cross town to pp.

It’s a bogus argument.


Nope. The prat had a cut at them when Sarah lost her drivetime gig, and mentioned how they never had a woman presenter. With hooks role in the demise of the second captains crew I bet they’re staying very quiet.


It’s a valid argument when you’re driving to Mayo . Compete hogwash to suggest driving across an empty m50 at 9.30 on the way home equates to a 4 hour round trip

It’s hard to believe the blinkers here .


I enjoyed his interview with Rochford and both of them came across very well in it. He mightn’t have a tonne of knowledge on the game but he know’s his stuff on this Mayo side . I’d prefer to listen to him then the likes of Wooly etc…


Very true.


Kilbane was one of my favourite ever Irish international footballers for his attitude, if nothing else. I reckon of he was a Champions’ League quality player, he would still have declared for Ireland, I doubt he was ever even thinking of playing for England.
His passion for GAA is plain and obvious. It’s only natural that he’d have a grá for Mayo, given his connections there.


Cheers for link true blue , I take very little from this, it’s actually codswallop for anyone involved in S&C,


Lone - they’re not driving to Mayo. they are doing collective training in abbotstown. so that’s that argument out of the water.

the 4 hour round trip i assume refers to training in other counties? again, you are wrong. all of the bigger coutnies have hurling or football heartlands and few on the intercounty teams come from outside. Here, for example, the longest trip i know of any of the guys on the football team is to get from my locality to clonmel. its a 45min trip. almost everyone lives within half an hour.

and, sure, the M50 is lovely and empty at 9.30. it isnt at 6.00pm. the n62 is empty at 6pm.

there are no blinkers involved, just physics and facts.


During the summer players drive from Dublin to all parts of Ireland for collective training
That is not the same as a 30 minute drive to Dublin training in my view where all you have to do is present yourself at training.

It’s an advantage in my view . As regards Dublins conditioning . Dublin players even at club level have access to S and C coaches other counties and clubs can only dream about .

Money does talk at some point .


there is a very interesting real issue behind what sean cavanagh said when he wondered aloud about how his team who had been training all those hours that god could provide were so outmatched by the dublin team. his theory that the dubs obviously weren’t actually holding down jobs or just pretending to (or lones that they dont drive as far) revealed something, a solution far easier but one that sean could not comprehend.

Tryone’s training is shite.

it reminded me of the outrage by true geals when that waterford soccer lad (Stephen Hunt?) had the cheek to suggest that gaelic footballers fitness wouldn’t cut it in the EPL. The undercurrent of the reaction was of the “gaelic football =manly activity, soccer is for poofs” variety.

its the same here - when you see how dublin have slimmed down a bit in the last 18 months, when you consider what JG was saying about the work/traning balance it suggests that dublin are training a lot smarter than tyrone were, and they were doing a lot less of it. That accounts for sean’s amazment, and allows for the players to work full time without destroying themselves, espicially when there are so many gaps between games.


they may drive at the weekend, they may drive midweek to places like portlaoise, but thats as far as it goes. BTW - it takes as long to get to portlaoise from dublin as it does to go to clonmel from roscrea.

and you are omitting the teachers and students who literally have nothing else to be doing all summer.

abbostown is in use every evening of the week with teams training, including intercounty teams from all over the country during the season. that is why it is there. the only county not using it for collective training i sus.

I’m not sure who the “dream” S&C coaches are that some of the dublin clubs use but the ones the tipp clubs use, the ones that my boss’s club in offally use, the one a clinet of mine who is training a club in laois uses all have the same qualifications as them dublin ones as they all came out of the same colleges.

S&C is everywhere. 20,000 people will run the dublin marathon next month, they can avail of free nutrition, S&C and running plans tailored for their aims stright off the website. My physio is a S&C trainer, there are two others locally.

check out the facilities at hollycross ballycahil club here - which are being matched by moyne templetouhy, jk brackens, and were in themselves a response to the facilities that clubs in thurles and nenagh avail of.


Was Gerry Kiernan holding his pint when he said that?


From what I remember, Stephen Hunt was only pointing out that professional football players can rest and are therefore at a higher level come match time than someone who has to go into an office or a factory for 40 hours a week. It was a reasonable point to make and didn’t warrant all the crap thrown at him.


correct. that was all he said. and maybe, just maybe, JG and the team have taken up on that and are training less, resting more, and upping the quality.

instead we have the “push the car round the muddy field” element wondering how dublin can work full time and be better than anyone else.

i can tell you one thing, mayo are not wondering. they’re doing it too.


The point Stephen Hunt made was that he drove a very, VERY short distance to go training as he wanted to preserve all of his energy. He was arguing that top GAA players wouldn’t last it in the Premier League as they had lots of other things to do in their everyday lives (work, studies, etc) whereas he could rest when he wasn’t playing or training.
I think the more valid arguments is that (a lot of) Premier League footballers couldn’t cope with having to do anything extracurricular in their lives as they are wrapped up in cotton wool most of the time.
Stephen Hunt is something that begins with “C” and rhymes with his surname.


Tipp is not a good example in my view because they spend as much on the senior hurling team as we do . They’ve always been heavily well financed and have never really had a huge amount of players working in the Capital . I could argue their footballers get nothing in comparison but that’s another debate .

In my view players from the West of Ireland and places like Donegal have a very short shelf life as Gaelic footballers due to the trek home for collective training .

There is no way on an annual basis Dublin players do anything like the same travel .

I know several Dublin clubs using professional S and C coaches from Leinster Rugby and the IRFU. Not a lot of country clubs are that fortunate


im talking club level here, tipp are very well financed because their county board is on the ball. last set of accounts i saw showed tipp had a total income from all sources of €4.5 million. how can they do that and other comparable counties cannot? Tipperary is far from an economic powerhouse.

and, BTW, i mentioned three counties - without adding in kilkenny.

the reason donegal players have a short life is because they were ground into podwer by lousy traning, not that they came home at the weekend for colelctive training.

and, you know, its funny how despite all these advantages/disadvantages mayo seem to be able to overcome them.

the fact that some dublin clubs are using “professional” S&C coaches is a meaningless comparison. the S&C coaches here are professional as well, maybe the clubs dont pay them for what they provide, but they provide the exact same service.

i am not alone in this - the leinster council issued a report last year on how the developing hurling counties used the extra development funds they were given and they squandered it. There was nothing in the report about having to drive a bit, or some of the lads working in dublin.

Getting thiings organised properly seems to be at best bewildering to some county boards or at worst looked upon as a nasty anti-geal English Soccer type evil which must be destroyed. There is no excuse for it.