Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


not mine, although i do mention to the eldest that the first time he was on the hill was before he was even born, and his mother was wearing a dublin jersey :rofl:

it gets the required horrified result.


Anyone see any of this so far? Where are they commentating?


But the article is fair . I mean the paranoia here is enough for a medical conference

On other matters I have my own conference just for me !



In Croker obviously … the ‘What the hell do you mean by that’ conference.


I heard she was just trying to get her handbag back off you…


Very restrained there . Don’t be hiding that under any bushes :rofl:


:blush:. The average level of paranoia of Dublin fans

Their is no equating the travel Tiernan Mc cann has to do compared to our players
It’s an advantage absolutely no question about it


Wonder why Tyrone can’t find him a cushy pharmacy job at home?


Doesn’t he have a cushy little number in santry


Bit of a laugh that, although i wish they’d stop saying that they will be commentating in front of 80,000 fans as if they’ll be commentating live on the PA system. In fact i dont know where you can hear them! no one seems to!


If the chap feels he needs to travel go Dublin to get his hair done that’s his prerogative …


Fantastic hair in fairness well worth the commute.


I wonder does Tiernan sell the Solpadeine without reading the riot act? I’ll be needing them on Monday and hopefully Tuesday.


Get him to pick them up for you up North where they don’t treat their citizens like children. Nothing like walking around the 7/8 chemists in Newry picking up the year’s supply. The solpadeines are on me!


Hair, wax and tan. God bless him.



Driving the young lad home from training Listening to off the ball kevin kilbane doing an interview with rochford.Step inside turn on tv3 there he is commentating on united match (kilbane that is).he some boy for media gigs.


Is he in the Olympia on Thursday as well


Ye and probably BBC on saturday for MOTD then back to croker on sunday.nice work if you can get it im not bitter.He is actually one of the better ones on OTB in fairness.


No , rumors of George hook though