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Great stuff lads, splurted my tea here!



OMG my jackie and debbie are not bleedin impressed with you Dub09


the has a fairly terrible shit stirring article today.

headline and first part reasonable enough - JG dismissing the sean cavanagh jibe that dublin players cant be working normal hours. there is even an interview bit from paul flynn about it as well.

so far, so good.

having disproved cavanagh Kevin O’Brien then decided to go down the “ah sure the dubs dont have to drive to get to training” shite. he has done his research - mentions the tyrone lad who works in a pharmacy in santry and goes to train in tyrone. Oh, he manages to get those days off. ok, try again, Kevin.

Oh yes -the ten mayo players who live in dublin! he even helpfully lists them all. he doesnt say that they go home to mayo for training several times a week, for that would be a lie. he just lets it hang there. he never mentions the donegal, kerry, kilkenny lads who actually gave up work, never mentions all those teachers and students who have full summers off. dosnt mention the mayo lads using the Abbottstown facilities, which is why they are there.

lets not even mention half the 70/80’s kerry team who trained in dublin under o’muirahertaigh.

he concludes with “That’s where their real advantage lies” no maybes about it.


Okay and what about the Kilkenny and Kerry lads that live and work in dublin over the last 40 years.
All this is just padding leading up to the big day so the fart knockers can moan if they lose


That so called writer is just a shit stirring arsehole. His line about Tom parsons, ffs lad get a life.


it is amazing how in the article he seems to know an awful lot about tryone and mayo players and nothing about the dublin ones.

a fair few in the comments are putting him right but its amazing how these guys look for anything to be twisted. the article was supposedly about how the Sean Cavanagh jibe has been refuted. This is exactly the sort of stuff i posted about before where the lad has a conclusion in mind but has to then write an article to try and justify it.

I’m sure there will be more from him before sunday.


easy solution is for them all to feck off back to the bogs and the hills and stop taking our jobs, buying our houses and marrying our women :grin:


There’s a solution to the capitals housing crisis in one swift/decisive move.

Culchies out…


cant agree with that - herself was tippindub before i was dubintipp!!


But then who would do the menial jobs … and be the Garda*

  • note inability to count and total things. Similar to Dublin funding allegations


I thought you were down there as a sort of cultural ambassador, spreading the good word on all things Dublin :sunglasses:


thats my spare time job. tipperary people recognise greatness.




Ok so we let some in on a sort of quota/visa system, but only after they renounce their evil culchiness and embrace the superiority of brand Dublin


FFS man … kids read this stuff …


oh jaysus!!


Him and all?