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I’d say Alan is simply playing the yerra game. thats all. Any his grandfather is form Mayo so he has to be nice to them!


And his mother a yerra.


good job he doesnt post here or lads would be labelling him a culchie


In fairness he probably wouldn’t think a lot of your views on Rory o Carroll retiring either . It’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it . We are never happy here unless we all get the Dublin crest tattooed to our ballsack here if seems . Anyone who offers any opinion to the contrary being anything other then on a par with Real Madrid and Barcelona rolled into one can find somewhere else it seems

A lot of what he says is true if Dublin don’t perform they will probably lose . I think that’s a fair comment personally . The other teams they can probably beat at 65 percent


Can’t see too many people arguing with that…unless they are boycotting sanity because they weren’t allowed wave a flag.


I was so sick of all this anti-Dublin stuff going on that I did up the house at the weekend to take my mind off it. They won’t get to me …



Did you even hear what he said today or are you just spouting generalist waffle again?

Nobody disagrees that if we don’t perform we could / will lose. What AB has been doing thru the Summer is talking Dublin down and the opposition up. If he believes that then fine that’s his opinion. If it’s just a Dublin form of yerra then it doesn’t say much for him as a pundit. As pointed out however his position as brother of Bernard and very recent player under Jim Gavin makes things awkward for him. With all of that my question was around whether AB being a media pundit was working. He certainly isn’t speaking as freely as Tomas O Se is for example

Is that ok Bart having an opinion that might differ from yours?


Jeez man you’re certainly going in a different direction to the stuff you posted a few months back! Did no one tell you that once you’re in the cabal you’re there for life? Only one way out! A bit like trying to leave the mafia :sunglasses:


listen brogans articles are rubbish mainly because he doesnt speak the real truth for whatever reason.


Would appear to be the case alright.


I’ve listened to Alan a few times this summer on the ‘Throw In’ podcast and have found him fairly honest and interesting.

I found it interesting a few weeks back when he spoke about Jim Gavin’s obsession with beating the blanket defence after our collapse against Donegal. He also spoke fairly honestly about the limitations of Aidan O’Shea when all other pundits were already crowning him as POTY.

I’ve also heard him be pretty honest about Bernard and how he didn’t expect him to be a starter as Bernard had shown to Jim that he could be trusted to come off the bench and do a good job and not be a sulk. This was even before the Monaghan game.

Will listen to this week’s edition on a run tomorrow.


Avanti Los Caballeros!


You’ve managed to mix your metaphors & your languages in one go there Dub09! That’s v Bartesque if I can introduce an oxymoron to the debate :slightly_smiling_face:


Bart hasn’t been seen for a long time here so you’re out of date


Bart don’t go all Twilight Zone / schizophrenic on us! Bart is most definitely still here battling away single handily again the cabal & the glitterati!


Tomas is a kerryman and In traditional Kerry fashion he subtly yerraed his way through the summer . But I suppose the difference between some of us listening to him is that we were able to tell the subtle connotations of what he has actually saying

Kerry can’t be sure of their own form after they had hammered Cork
JOD is unreal
David Moran is the best midfielder in Ireland ( not when he’s marked he’s not )
Kerry aren’t afraid of Dublin

If you had actually examined Tomas over the summer it was only after Kerry were beaten that he ran for cover .

Alan’s predictions have been on the ball most of the way through the summer . He was one of the few pundits who said Mayo were serious contenders when Galway beat them . He fancied Mayo to beat Kerry when most here predicted a 6-8 point Kerry win

I would argue the Dublin pundits outside those who drive into kerbs are pretty good in comparison to the rest of the mediocrity out there .

All Alan is saying essentially is that Dublin haven’t been tested yet and he’s right
So on Sunday we will find out whether

a) Dublin haven’t been tested because they are so much better then everyone including Mayo

B) Dublin get beaten and we conclude we got the soft side of the draw


You forgot Rochey . He has his own category


I think the point is Bart Ab hides in the long grass and is always over negative


Lone rangers identity revealed! :thinking:


Anyone watching jeff and kammys trip to croker ?? Penultimate episode they interview johhny Cooper in his gaff .