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Hopefully learning a lot from the best in the business.


True, he is an excellent keeper.


If Dublin win on Sunday week I cannot envisage anyone other than Bastick walking away from the chance to create further history next year. To add to that, Cluxton is having as good a season as ever he’s had.


I was recently thinking about this and I wonder though how long would the likes of Flynn, Berno, MDMA etc sit on the bench for with little or no game time.

If we win and did the three in a row in could be the best opportunity to bow out.

I just wouldn’t be surprised to see them go but hopefully not as there the ones driving the others on too.


Denis has stayed on for about three years now with ever decreasing game time - now more or less zero. He has a young family. So there is obviously a great togetherness in the squad and he feels he is really contributing as JG often mentions of squad members. Ultimately it will boil down to the individual and their own circumstances I suppose.

I would also think with a new manager in place Schutte will return to hurling!?


Mark has no chance at this point of commanding even a regular top 20 spot on my view . He’s missed the window . However he could win a few all stars at hurling


Listen to off the ball
P iss poor interview
They are afraid to ask hard questions


I don’t know. Look at the U21 final (and the whole U21 campaign actually), Comerford was flawless on kickouts and on regular keeper stuff. I would think already he is one of the best in the country.


Whole new ball game at senior level in croke park with the seniors


I think that a lot of the coaching and development money is spent on getting the coaches into the schools in each area to take training sessions and basically just spread the gospel of the GAA. The problem with only counting registered players when they are talking of per head spending is that it doesn’t take into account the fact that in some cases the percentage of those kids that go on to become registered players can be tiny. At one point a few years ago it was reckoned that the actual ‘take up’ levels of GAA was under 10% in areas of Dublin. The current approach of the DCB is to introduce as many as possible to the games and hope that some will stay with it, which is why counting only club members doesn’t reflect the work being done


Whilst not doubting or taking anything away from JMG i’m not sure that Mickey Harte or Pete Mcgrath would not possibly have got another all ireland out of Donegal . The spin has always been that they were limited as a team and that their success was down to JMG system ( largely perpetuated by the man himself ).


Exactly development money from what i can see is targeted at getting new people involved in GAA.As you say alot of this activity happens outside of clubs in national schools many in areas where there may be no members in the student population.Although there is activity within clubs at nursery level also in cul camps a model based on registered players ie € per registered player is flawed.The most appropriate model would be €per child in national school.


Add 80,000 watching on top of that


Sher even Clucko had his wobbles when he frist broke into the team - good to have an very talented understudy all the same.


Jaysus he’s still having them the odd time! :grin:


i can see teams trying giving comerford the same attention as cluxton gets now as to break him before he gets going


I was told recently we only learn through our mistakes .Let them try & break him & see how he responds .If he’s half as good as Cluxton we should be in good hands .


What like, sit beside him on the bench?


I’d give Comerford as many games as possible in next year’s league. Protecting Division 1 status should be the only aim of next year’s league for Dublin. Try to win every game but be prepared to lose 3 or 4 in blooding players and/or trialling new systems.


If Cluxton is there the wants to play. And Gavin plays him. Stupid really in many ways. Need to be giving the futur keeper some game time.