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I don’t think it is unusual that Mayo spent more money than Dublin last year…we had a number of teams in All Ireland finals and with our qualifier run this year it’s likely we could likely be top spenders again. The travel and logistics costs are massive.

There is a difference between funding from central council and the money a county fundraises locally.


That seems to go ignored by certain sections of the media.
Fair play to them is what i say


How much for a fry up and some muesli down Mayo way?


whatever chance Dublin have of getting fair hearing in the media for their belief in rights and wrongs of current system, sending someone like Darcy out to bat for you is step backwards from the off…“30 legs and 30 arms”…a quote for the ages.


yes, but the point is that they had it to spend it, not why they had to.

for example, tipperary GAA had €4million in total last year from Central Council/sponsorship and fundraising, but they spent every cent of it.

you know, you had to get me interested in that aul page 150 of the 2016 report again since you mentioned Central Council Funding.

In 2015 Mayo got €476,998 in team expenses. Dublin got €381,226.

Taking out the dreaded sports council grant Dulbin got €751,924 from the GAA itself and mayo got…€994,925 !!!


Seriously how long is this WUM going to let away with this crap.



it is a pity that the DCB PRO isnt on top of things like this. Lads mouthing off silly stuff sure does undermine the aul concerted media strategy thingy.


I’d agree on Loughnane and the way he fell out with his players in future years was embarrassing in many respects for a group of individuals who created history together
However Clare were still at the business ends of all Ireland’s under Anthony Daly with a lot of the same players
Donegal have been left in the abyss in my view and will struggle to get out of it . In my opinion great managers leave a legacy and a succession plan . He didn’t in my view


which “crap” exactly?


Lads he was a one trick pony who then subsequently destroyed the players who followed his methodology blindly.
You only have to listen to him and his waffle to see he has nothing to say .


What about Ballaghadreen?


How far is that past Kinnegad ?


To beat the best team of the decade and then not close the deal to a poor Kerry team is a large blot on the CV. And the ‘game plan’ he brought to Croker in 2011 deserves no credit whatsoever imo …


This is brilliant


See Kirsti Gallacher from Sky Sports has been banned from driving for 2 years and has some community service as well. Stopped by police in Eton at 11am and her alcohol reading was 106 microgrammes in 100 millilitres - limit is 35 mc in 100ml in England &Wales…


Anyone who was in the Hill remember this from last year , can’t say I can . Rare photo of Stevo enjoying himself


Yeah, think a lot of us felt it was him saying goodbye, love encores, hope he does a Springsteen on it and keeps coming back forever.:smiley::smiley:


Yeah and I was convinced it would be the last time I would see him in a Dubs jersey too.


I think most were, there was a serious amount of doom and gloom a couple of weeks after that final. I am sure it will commence in around a months time if we don’t hear confirmation he is staying on for another year.


I think the difference this year is the Comerford has shown there is a future, a long way to go before he could even dream of been near Cluxton, but he has shown that he is a very serious operator