Old Dublin clubs


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That’s another belter of a story.
Delighted to see that people take the time to record these stories, it would be shameful if they were lost over time.


@rebus2008 great piece.


Up to around 1900, it seems that Dublin were often just represented by SFC winners but the odd year, there was the odd addition for another club. Hence when dublin won AI football in 1897 vs cork, they had 14 from Kickhams plus 1 from Dun Leary Ind.
2 years later dublin again beat cork in final and there was nobody from Kickhams (Geraldine’s seem to be less hospitable to others and Dublin had 15 from Geraldine’s.



Not fcuking Richard Boyd Barret?!?!?


One big claim to fame for Kickhams is that dublin won their 1st all ireland in hurling beating Clare with an entire panel of their players.




The story of Isles of the Sea. Won the 1901 All-Ireland football title.


There was a club called Eblana. Anyone know where they were from?


There was an Eblana school in Dun Laoghaire.


There was/is an Eblana Threatre under Busarus??


Yup and there’s an Eblana Villas off Grand Canal St.

That’s a great read @eitoof - was out for a couple of beers last night and Isles of the Sea came up in conversation but nobody knew where they were from. I’ve sent them your link. :+1:


Eblana HC were hurling club on James street.
Not a lot of info but when Charles Stewart Parnell died, there was huge turn out by Dublin GAA at the time given his involvement. Of the 200,000 estimate at his 1891 funeral, there were 19 prominent Dublin clubs of the time represented at the graveyard in Glasnevin - eblana HC being one. Many of the 19 no longer exist or in different guise but fingallians, Faughs, Lucan sarsfield, ben eadair, wild geese, Towers clondalkin…still going strong


Where did the name “Eblana” come from?


Eblana appears to be original Latin word for Dublin…quite the scholars whoever eblana HC were


1890 SFC almost non-existent. The fixtures are all there, but a lot of the match reports were not submitted.

Basically a write-off.


They played in Dolphins Barn along with Dolphins FC. The pitches were known as “Rutland Ave” which was either the current Dolphin Pk or a site that is now houses between Dolphin Pk and the canal.


They were an amalgamation of all the Barracks teams. When they formed Army Metro around 1925/26 they caused a lot of controversy as they were accussed of instructing their soldiers to transfer to them. Faughs got the hump and withdrew from the championship. Young Ireland’s later withdrew and Kickhams were also impacted.


Great reading this thread and great info Rebus…minor detail I know but Erins Isle bet Vincents in the Semi Final in 78 then Erins Hope won the final (played in Croker in them days)…they’ve hardly fielded a team since!