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Just reading ‘The Bloodied Field’ by Michael Foley again. Mentions a lot of Dublin Clubs around 1920’s and just before: Emeralds GAA, Hibernian Knights, Seville GAA.
The Dublin Players (20) that played on Bloody Sunday made up from: O’Tooles (12), Keatings(3), Parnells(2), Geraldines,Kickhams,UCD (1)


This is the 1889 championship, or as best as I can make out.

The report for the final mentioned that there had been 36 games played before that day, but I can only find mention of 34, including three results I cannot find.

Found two other locations:
St Patricks - Inchicore…seems to have been a hub for championship matches.
Michael Dwyers - Rathfarnham.


No team pics.


The ref was a TD…talk about double-jobbing!



I think the C McMahon listed for Dublin is mentioned here…


He lived in Edenmore later in his life until he died.

@EadanMorNorth might know more?


One and the same man Beeko. Used to see him regularly around the shops when we were kids, he was a tall and austere figure and wore a large leather patch covering the wound on his head. The local legend was that he was shot in the head in the GPO in 1916 but it actually happened in the burning of the Custom House in 1921.He was arrested and had a steel plate inserted in his skull while in custody, however, the bullet that was lodged at the back of his brain was left in place. He suffered fits and deafness as a result before finding, in 1925, a surgeon willing to risk removal of the bullet.The operation was a success and he went on to work in Construction, eventually becoming a Quantity Surveyor.

On the hurling front he left Kevins in 1932 - along with other high profile players following a dispute - and went to Young Irelands where he won 4 SHC in the 30s/40s and was, of course, with them when Dublin won our last All Ireland SH. Jim Byrne of Eoghan Ruadh was on that team and remains the only Dublin-born AISH medal winner. However, Charles was born in Mayo to a Tyrone father and a Donegal mother - he moved to Dublin (Millmount in Drumcondra) when he was around 7 and I think we can claim credit for his hurling formation!

He lived up until the late 1980s and was survived by his wife Roise, a Belfast Cumann Na mBán woman, who died in the 2000s.


What a brilliant source of knowledge.
I knew he was a Quantity Surveyor and remember seeing him with the patch on his head. And he was a tall man, as you say.
Did he live on Sprindale Road or Edenmore Avenue?
I think he can definitely be classed as someone who learned to hurl in Dublin.


That’s a brilliant piece of history.


@EadanMorNorth @beeko Lads, that’s a brilliant story, thanks for sharing it.


I barely dipped my toe in, in fairness.


Fair play on your research and taking time to post up.


That’s a link to his family history, it says he died in 1987.


Jaysus how unlucky can you be!

Great post though @EadanMorNorth - very enjoyable read! :+1:


Great link, @Snowcat.


What a goldmine this thread is. Thanks everyone. Sadly, although the forebears of my club have all Ireland’s in both codes, I have little or no info on them. A real shame. Funnily and oddly enough, there have been loads of requests from people doing family trees etc. asking about their great grandad etc since the 1916 celebrations… Like as if the whole thing has woken a sudden interest in the Kickhams!


Throw up what you know…there may be people who can fill some of the gaps.
Seems to be wealth of knowledge floating around here untapped.


Issue of cluchies mentioned on another thread…not this one…interesting stat…only 1 player from heffos 1970 team had 2 Dublin parents…all the rest had 1 or both parents from outside Dublin…then only true blue was Bobby Doyle.


The current panel is probably littered with this as well .


HIs Great Great Grandson is now on the Dublin Panel as well !!!


Who’s that - not Philly?


No Sean Macmahon from Raheny