Old Dublin clubs


Whee did you dig that from, thats a masterpiece, that should be in a museum!


Did it myself. Am just into stats.


They lost the 1889 SFC to Fintan Lalors 1-7 0-0.


St.Brendan’s - Loughshinny


I notice Thomas Davis there… in the senior championship since 1888?? and relegated in 2018, fair play to the CB :smiley:


Round Towers there and we’ve still never won a senior championship . Founded 1884! A month after the GAA was founded


Give yourself a big pat on the back Jamster.

That’s great research you have done.


Dublin county board produced a 3 part hard back book about 15 years ago…dublin county and club from right back to 1880’s up to year 2000…stats, events, match reports, campaigns, disbanded teams, county board matters, listing of every sf and sh winning team plus IC teams at all levels back to 19th century…fantastic insight into everything dublin gaa decade after decade.
Full of every bit of info…for example, Erin’s hope (pats teacher training school) won the first DSFC beating grocers assistants…the scandal after the final where pats won well was that as students they could train wherever they wanted while “grocers assistants” were what it said on the tin and had very little free time to train.

As a Vincents member, I was amazed that while Vincents were founded in 1931, it was initially only as juvenile club. Players played with Vincents up to minor and then played adult with Parnells. Dcb offered Vincents adult status in early 40’s but Parnells blocked it for 7 years. They eventually got it in late 40’s and then from winning 1st sfc in 1949, won 13 in 14…a 6 in row and 7 row divided by final defeat by above mentioned Erin’s hope. (Heffo won 21 senior medals - 14 football and 7 hurling) They won 1950 by beating Parnells in final where a lot of 30 players across both teams had played juvenile together in Vincents.

Incredible set of books running to over 2000 pages.


Kinda makes what I’m doing redundant so. What’s the name of that book?


Will check. I know it was special edition by dcb.
Set of 3 hard back encyclopedias done in one print run to commemorate year 2000 I think.
Some amount of detail…most of which wouldn’t be online etc


It is The Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin 1884-2000. Edited by William Nolan. Published by Geography Publications.

It’s a great resource with loads of detail, but it doesn’t have the complete records for each year’s championship, only the winners. So there is definitely value to the work you have put in. Thanks and if you can please keep posting it up.


It’s out of print with Geography Publications.
Hardback copies on Amazon £180.00.
Softcover copies £25.00.


Does anyone remember a team called St Laurences? Think they were from Ballyfermot. Think there was club in neilstown Quarryvale?


Softcover it is so!

£180! My car’s not worth that.


I know it’s not related to old Dublin clubs,but I’m sure someone on here would been able to help,I’m trying to find a team photo of the Dublin team from the 1930 hurling final,google can’t seem to do the trick for me,a team photo ,match reports or team sheet would be much appreciated ,
Thanks in advance


The Grocers i think were known as Banba GAA, my great uncle was involved as a mentor in the 30s and 40s. His brother, my grandfather was a mentor with Geraldines , who I think were the Barmen’s team and family legend is that the brothers traded insults across the pitches when Banba played Geraldines as to the legitimacy of each others players. Apparently “Kingsbridge” as it was known then was like Central Station in NY on a Saturday night as “Bangers” arrived up from the country to play on Sunday for Dublin clubs.



The club in that column was called st Gabriel s and they were still in existence. The character vinny a Dublin bus driver was a coach there. Entirely fictional and well written too.


It’s actually the cie works yard now and one of the early all Ireland finals was played there. Cie played the local club Liffey gaels in croke pk a few years ago to celebrate 125 years since the event( at least I think that was the reason).


It was a well written column. It disappeared a few years ago and this thread just reminded me of it. Maybe it was a bit parochial for a national newspaper but I liked the references to places I knew around Clontarf. Made my first communion in Gabriel’s like everyone who went to Belgrove. No foreign games ever even mentioned in Belgove …no “ground football” one teacher would shout ! Those were the days …