Official Dublin GAA Football Supporters Club


Rule1-You have never played any Gaa code before
Rule 2-You have never watched a club match before
Rule 3-If the county have teams playing in the same stadium on the same day you cannot watch both games
Rule 4- You must have purchased 6 cans of something for €5 from somewhere and drank them on the Royal Canal
Rule 5- You must shout “handball” at least once during the match before realising where you are
Rule 6- You cannot know any of the players names. Just call them by their numbers.
Rule 7- You must verbally abuse the opposition players based on where they are from
Rule 8-You must sing hill 16 is Dublin only, even if you are not on hill 16 yourself
Rule 9-You must chant “the referee’s a wa*ker” when he gives a decision against Dublin, especially when he is correct
Rule 10-You must not be able to remember the game the following morning/afternoon when you wake up


Rule 11 - You are convinced that the GAA Inter-County season runs from mid-July to mid-September, only.
Rule 12 - You believe that the Leinster Championship is a pre-season tournament (current evidence might back that up, in fairness).


Rule 13. You have no idea where O Toole park is


How could you have a Dublin Supporters Club based on the Southside??? Membership should actually be confined to Northsiders tbh. Could consider affiliate membership for both Southsiders and non-Dubs (same thing)


rare to see a southsider outside a hurling game


meetings are held in the official supporters bar on parnell street.


That’s me bolloxed times two then.


Do FODH have some sort of affiliation with the county board? I’ve seen players and members of the backroom team wearing geansai’s with their logo, at the annual fundraising night at the dogs. Seen on social meeja btw. Never set foot in Shelbourne Park in me life.


I seen something similar at the dogs when the lads brought the Sam there last Oct or Nov I think it was, didn’t take a close look but definitely saw something along them lines


i thought a certain hill16 fan club self invited themselves there


Gone to the dogs …


That’s into ‘i dont know what a tracker mortgage is…’ territory…


not that i am aware of, apart from the founders of FODH including Humphry Kellegher and that.

im a member but never gone to any of their things or been on the bus, and they have a bus or two going to the camogie this week in thurles.

just saw the mailing address is hill 16 croke park, dublin.


I think it was a football equivalent, FODF , looks more like merchandise set up than a Supporter platform


It’s Friends of Dublin Football. They do merchandising and also corporate packages to matches where the money is channeled back to the Dublin football team. I suppose with Mossy and the commercial team in the county board the fundraising side is being addressed but there is a still a gap for a proper supporters club.


thats gas, never heard of them till now.


Dub09, you weren’t a bird of prey in a previous life were you? :wink:


Time to review the gardens and grave pass dub09 think the competition is uping the anti.


Hmmmmm indeed … now where did I put those sky/navy blue inflatable hammers and sharks …


It’s game on!