O'Byrne Cup 2019


You’re kidding, right?


Hard to match the drama of Dublin v Mayo games since 2012. No matter how big the perceived gap in quality between the two reams is on paper, on the field of play, both teams have been well matched.


Truth. They are the only games I can honestly recall as being in danger of going straight to Brown Alert half way through the second half.

The 2013 final near killed me.


good to see the new rules really improving the spectacle.


No one seems happy about them and neither am i especially the handpass one
It stopped a Wexford goal against meath last week i know its only a preseason game but if these rules were carried into the league/championship then the stakes become higher


I’ve a pain in me hole say’n it, leave the game alone, all these rules were brought in simply to stop Dublin. Its up to other counties to get up to our standard, other counties problems are not ours , its up to them. complicatin a fairly simple game with this bullshit wont do anything for the game only frustrate it. Leave it be


Exactly @BlueBack nothing was or will be done to stop blanket defences ,weve done a lot of work to stop that and being able to brake them down
If this problem was solved then football would be better, a couple of handpasses because a team retreats into their shell and wont press as theyve a game the next week is not as bad as some of the defensive stuff we have seen over the last number of years


Dublin showed how to deal with the blanket against tyrone in 17, patience in possession , wait for yer chance or gap or runner and strike, its very simple. if they wanna play 15 behind the ball , its not our problem, We’r hardly gonna hand them the ball after 25 passes because of the way they play. its very simple


How exactly are the rule changes more detrimental to Dublin than other counties? (other than Dublin more than likely playing more games!!!)


I think these rules were brought in to stop Dublin, they may not necessarily be detrimental to just Dublin


I would argue that the inverse is true. Dublin have arguably shown more aptitude to adapt to changes than any other IC team.


I beleive the Fermanagh goal keeper had the most amount of possessions on the pitch from the 3 hand passes and kick back to him


their not , and its not what im sayin, but their clutchin at straws now to put a stop to us winnin again, example , I was talkin to 2 Kerry lads last wk end and they could speak for the rest of the countie they said but the most important thing in their lives this year was stopping the Dubs winnin 5, and they didn’t give a ■■■■ if it was London that stopped us as long as we were stopped. that’s what they said, by the way they were lovely lads


Incredible stuff really hard to believe
Great spectacle imagine coming from Fermanagh to watch that


I reckon it will be in and around that


Any word on a team for Saturday


8pm throw in in parnell park on Friday the 18th for the final according to this


Meath 8/11 favs for tomorrow !

Been a long time since I’ve been able to back dublin against a leinster team without a handicap.


His first year on Wexford senior panel. He played minor for Wexford 7/8 years ago.


Fair play Stato never knew that. Your some man. Did he always play in wexford and then moved to Parnells for a period or what do you know