O'Byrne Cup 2019


Some Craic watching penalties. Leitrim outscored us second half 2-5 to 0-4 which was worrying even with new recruits. Leitrim player sent off was involved in the build up to their equalizer which was funny…only in the FBD.

James’s McCormack done very well for us at sentry half for first half. Fergal Boland at 10 was man of the match. Inside duo of Brian Reape and Colm Moran were good in first half but faded in second. Even Regan not good enough, too easily beat to the ball and pushed off it.

Ger Caff at full back…a disaster. I don’t know why Horan is persisting with him but it surly must end now. Midfield of Seamus O Se and Stephen Coen wiped out. In fairness I know they are in heavy training and you could see how flat footed we were in the second half so I don’t read too much into it…Galway up next in Tuam though will see the gears move up.

Finally around 4,000 at the game…mostly Mayo fans of course but great to see for a pre season game.


Will I be seeing you in Tuam in a few days?


How is Caff still even on the panel, he’s been miles off it for years.

Reape always seems to start very well even with his club but then fades so maybe with the extra fitness and conditioning it might bring his game on even more.


You will indeed…Tuam is only 20 mins from where I live in south Mayo.


I can make it in 10 (not that being 10mins from Tuam is much of a boast). I was gonna toddle along.




Middle-earth and Frodo Baggins has been named as potential Ref :grinning::grinning::grinning:


The final is scheduled for either Parnell Park or Portlaoise on Friday week Jan 18th at 8pm and will be broadcast beo on TG4.


Any idea on the kind of squad playing will it be the same or similar to the Sean cox and underdogs games?


I’d say it will be similar to the underdogs team


Is the whole squad back yet? Fenton was posting pix from Miami Beach as recently as yesterday.


Is there anywhere on radio to listen to O’Byrne Cup matches?


The final is live on TG4 if that helps not to sure about radio try a meath radio station like LMFM it might help


Can see this being a sellout, two giants of the modern era


About 5,000 will attend.


Posted more today, including a group pic of about 8 of the lads together.


Tyrone 0-2 Fermanagh 0-2 was a half time score tonight in the McKeanna cup…Jesus Christ


At least Fermanagh doubled their score in the second half
Finished 10-4 to Tyrone
Horrific game of football id say @mayoman


Anti football. Following Mayo isn’t easy and gives us heart attacks but at least we are entertained. Dublin play football the way it should be played hence the reason I actually was up for ye in the final last year…


Would agree with that both of us play it the right way and weve probably been the consistently top 2 over the last number of years so it shows these counties what can be done when you actually play football