O'Byrne Cup 2019


And that’s only the Meath lads you’re talking about :wink:


Guess who’s back.




Ah I wouldn’t be overly critical of lads not going to O’Byrne cup games. I’ve mostly only gone to some in recent years as I have known some of the lads playing.

I’ll go to the Meath game because it is a Saturday and will help occupy me through dry January!

Most of our O’Byrne cup games have been midweek last number of years. Not feasible for most and was a pain in the hole when I did go!

Those Facebook pages are the cause of the ‘I’ve been to every match’ brigade. You can’t teach stupid!

Interested to see Stephen Smith next week.

There won’t be a sniff of any of last year’s lads


Don’t do this to me, please.


I’ll be there in Parnell, and then not at another game this year, how many people will be able to say that :joy:


it has to be the one and only marino messiah


Maybe wrong thread, but Mayo v Leitrim has gone to a penalty shootout!
Mayo win 4-1. That’s it, we may as well just give them Sam now!


Ha, okay I won’t. Sorry!


Sooooo… Were you joking or what???




Yes, unfortunately.


Bobby Ewing!!! , it was all a dream…


You won’t feel too left out as you’ll be able to hear the roar of the crowd in Mountjoy.


So the winner of Dublin v Mordor plays the winner of Longford v Westmordor. Is that right?

Any idea where the final will be?


theres talk of highbury


Arsenal of jokes about empty?


Newgrange…or nowhere!


Tesco car park otherwise known as st. Conleths park


The Trip to The Kip.