O'Byrne Cup 2019


Its a home tie for Dublin


Mrs JJF doesn’t know what a kettle is. Though she knows how to be a fun prevention officer.


Croker so?

It would be a disaster to lose two in a row to M****



She doesn’t log on here, I take it?


I hope not.


Do you think he’d be that brave if she could read and write.


Can we prevent Mead from doing the back-to-back? Semi-final probably the best hope of ambushing them. We may need to go full blanket to keep it a low-scoring scrap, that will suit us. But then we can’t afford to concede a goal or let them get a lead. We’re no good chasing the game.

In summary: We need to stop Mead from getting a lead, so we can’t concede a goal to Mead, or else we face defead.


Game next Saturday night at 7pm in Parnell


Looking forward to the game, anyone guess what kind of team will be put out, assuming one that can play ball


Are the entire first team squad still away?


I’m not sure if they’re back, is Paul Clarke looking after the team


They are I think but theyre nearly finished kilkenny put it up earlier

Im not sure but i think hes on the holiday aswell


I suppose it gives the other lads the opportunity to maybe break into team, sure even if they are back they wouldn’t be playing next week


Jonathon Bealin on the trees for wexford. Did he play last year for them? I know he’s been with castletown for a while now


I wonder how many of those who we see on tv and in the newspapers claiming to have gone to “Every Game” whilst crying for a ticket for the final,will be in Parnell Park next Saturday.


Happens every year unfortunately, it will never change


Sure it’s only a load of lads who nobody ever heard of - most of whom won’t be around in the Summer. Why would you be arsed going.


Besides the charity game in Navan, I need my hit of Senior Inter County games and 4 months between the final and the start of the National League is a long time.


The Dubs out training this morning in St Margaret’s I see, will be a good opportunity to blood a player or 2 for the league and ultimately (maybe) the Championship. None of the lads on the holiday will be playing, they look to have enjoyed themselves abroad and deservedly so. Think we’ll still win next week, the game in M***h was very tight and was in their backyard so think we’ll still do the business.