O'Byrne Cup 2018


We had the ‘wee-uns’ with us in Bray…so partying was watching kids tv at night!

But definitely a good place to be based if you want to take in some of the sights.

Must’ve been during the boom because I remember checking out house prices on the estate agents window (as you do when you’ve no life) and being amazed at how expensive houses were.


Good at making automatic decisions too.

(Mods…blame Dub09 if these puns get out of hand…he started it…and put me up to it).


Ok let’s park it there lads


I’d say he was in estate after it.




C’mon Dub09…you know you’re tempted with a pun!!

You can’t be stuck in neutral over this…


Fair to say he was detached from the whole thing.

Ok…I quit with this pun caper.


Drive on…


this is startin to accelarate


Wasn’t there bullet holes in the booth so he could breath???


When did squad get back from South Africa???


And the rear-view mirrors…


Think they did two weeks so around January 9th?


Surly the GAA could of sourced an alternative venue for today’s game ? (Understand Navan was being used for other games) All Ireland Intermediate Semi off too.

3G / 4G pitches are the future , surly 1 could of been sourced ?


Or maybe play games from March and tell county managers the days of a hundred and fifty training sessions or more a year and a twelve month season are over.

Who wants to play a game on any type of pitch on a day like today.


McKenna Cup final is Donegal v Tyrone.

Bonner said he wanted Donegal to play differently.

MH knows Tyrone have to come up with something different.

Would hope there’ll be new players and less defensive football in the final…but can’t see it happen.


All 15 players both teams in the other team’s half??


Also known as the ‘Inverted blanket’?

The power of the blanket is proportional to the bodies in a half and inversely proportional to people out of it.

Or something like that.


Yes Prof Quilt(y)


Just watching Kerry- Mayo replay on TG4. Just before half time McLoughlin swings a Kerry man around the neck. The young altar boy gets involved and a Kerry lad pushes him in the lower chest but he clutches his neck like he’s been choked. Dreadful stuff. :rage: