O'Byrne Cup 2018


Oh yes…that’s the DC incident?

Who’d have thought a game like that would’ve made headlines.

As for Fermanagh, I’d sat they nearly have as much a bigger rivalry with Cavan than Tyrone. They just don’t have the population or the clubs.


Same as us v Wicklow … you gotta brush up on your Carlows and Wicklows or there’ll be no United Ireland!


You’re right…was Carlow that happened.

I thought you were joking mentioning Wicklow.

Talking of which…I stayed there twice, once after a game we made a weekend of it. A lovely spot.


I was … :confused:


Did you get the feed the gondolas on Blessington lakes?

Beautiful spot to visit, just don’t ever try to move there…


Buncha’ bleedin’ snowflakes !

I trust you will have the heated seats & prosecco bar installed in time for the visit of my good self in 2 1/2 weeks time?

Standards old chap, standards…


How true is the story behind that?


And it better not be bleedin’ Frizzante!!


Apparently entirely true, has been attributed to a Wicklow County Councillor named Jimmy Miley. Well Holy God!

Gets a mention here:



There was one to the effect of “There has been lots of allegations made about me lately and I know who the alligators are”. Can’t remember from where I heard that one.


We stayed in Bray…got a good hotel deal…and did a bit of sight seeing.

Just trying to remember if it was 05 or 08 we stayed there for the game. But made a weekend of it.


And not forgetting the prawn sandwiches and a barrier to keep the peasants away!

You got me thinking of the coldest / worst grounds I’ve been to up here.

Casement was very exposed at the motorway side. Athletic grounds and Park Esler are good.

But Gervaghey is the windiest and coldest for football. Very exposed


It was a county Louth councillor in the senate. I heard it with my own ears. Like the Galway councillor who said that Dublin shouldn’t be the hub for cloud computing as Galway was definitely cloudier… I shit you not!


A great spot bray, reminds me of the strip in Vegas


That was a spoof story and did not actually happen …


Fake news?


Peasants? Ah c’mon…people from Kilbarrack aren’t THAT bad. :wink:

Ever been to a match in Aughrim? That’ll put hairs on yer chest !


Knew a lad who reffed a County Final there once. Nice bloke but awful nervous with a bizarre phobia of car keys, would take off like Usain Bolt at the mere jangle of them…


Some people put the boot into the ref others put the ref into the boot …


Excellent ref too, especially in clutch decisions.