O'Byrne Cup 2018


Cormac Costello an excellent place ball kicker too


Disagree, if I were playing and training with mea…, no wait, will leave it there say no more :joy:


Dunaggany is not perfect, but I’d imagine that any redevelopment of Pairc tailteann you would need to take over the O’Mahonys as well. Its the infrastructure and roads around are chioc a block most fo the time. But look who cares. Even bog roll in the one toilet would be a massive improvement.


Oh jaysus dont, even the thought of it, up there on a par with the sheep or that mob from the wesht


Fountain of wisdom that is mr Bernard permatan Flynn suggesting that o Byrne final can be played in navan at 4pm after the hurling fixture at 2pm instead of inconveniencing supporters with portlaoise venue.


Everyone gonna use their mobile phone light? Great to see Mordor lads getting so excited by the OBC. They are the new Kildare.


They mentioned if everyone brought a candle, they’d have 2 candles.


But do they have fork handles?


ah yeah great lad Bernie, I met him outside Keoghs south anne st in 15 the the day befofe we bet mayo in the replay, he fancied mayo. I think it finished 3.15 to 1.14, us of course


Best dressed man in Oldcastle!


And Ann Whiddicombe is the best looking virgin in the current Celebrity Big Brother.


In what situations will the free kick shootout be used this year. Is it being used in championship ?


Not sure tbh - probably just the Ulster one where you could get a nil all draw.


Prepare to eat your words…:Fermanagh and Tyrone played out an entertaining 8-4 game, with a sending off and a few fights.

If that’s not gold standard I don’t know what is.


Is 8-4 the score, or the number of players sent off, or fights that erupted?

One never knows…does one? :men_wrestling::person_fencing::men_wrestling::person_fencing:


If we played Kilkenny in football he say they are due a big game .A horrible, bitter little man.


I assume Gallagher threw up the barricades to avoid a hiding?


As luck would have it, I missed that one.

Going from reports I imagine the Fermanagh players were a bit more pumped up what with a new manager.

Despite being neighbours, there’s never been a rivalry.

I went to the game against St Mary’s and that’s my lot with the McKenna Cup. I see a few former players saying they’ve zero interest in it.


None of the above…it’s the number of fans who were brave enough to face the weather…and a grim game.


Lucky you. You should see us playing Wicklow …