O'Byrne Cup 2018


Kerry’s penalty in the 2013 semi-formal should have been a free out. Donncha Walsh blatantly barges into Cluxton. We’ve had some big decisions against us - none have cost us the games.


There have been some big calls against us as pointed out above. Add to that Lee Keegan staying on the pitch 2016 first game for two black card offences in the lead up to our first goal. You could also add in Dermos red card against Mayo in 2015, O’Garas red against Donegal in 2016. All huge calls just a testament to the players that they’ve prevailed and not let the calls effect the result


Nail on the head.


Ok maybe I’m blurred by de wins :rofl:


Meath through to final with 2-1 win over Longford, I take it this is a first a game being decided on frees and not the fact that it was practically in the dark due to broken floodlights in navan


Floodlights have been broken for a long time. They had to take them down for health and safety reasons. Lovely grassy terraces though. Shambles.


Such a contrast, dunganny their “centre of excellence” is very well equipped and maintained with state of the art floodlighting yet pairc tailteann can’t or at least is not floodlit.


There’s not a lot in Dunganny either tbh Napper


I pass it regularly and while it doesn’t seem to get a lot of use, when it is in use it’s well lit and the pitches look good. Obviously it’s a kip in comparison to what Kerry have. Just wondering are these so called centres of excellence swallowing up the finances at the expense of county grounds .


Anyway I digress, really wanted to say congrats to the Rossies, being reduced to 14 men for the 2nd half and missing a peno, they inflict another defeat on the victims, as one two bit radio presenter asked last September " cruel so cruel when will this pain end ? " not in 2018 it seems .


I miss going to going to Navan for a Dubs game. For a period during the mid to late 90s we played a there quite a bit, a trip to Navan always seemed to signal the start of the championship for me. The last time I was there was for a u21 game back in 2005 (I remember they announced congress’ decision to alter rule 42 over the tannoy at half time).

It’s a pity it’s gone downhill, but in fairness to the Meath CB it must be hard to justify the cost of upkeeping a stadium to accommodate 30,000 people. Especially as it will hardly ever need to accommodate more than 10,000.


Mid 90 summer games in Navan…Jayo scoring goals bootless…pre-post pints in Navan…ending up in the county club…happy days


We won the Leinster u21 there a few years back v Kildare - on Holy Thurs iirc.


THats right - Shane Carthy was was great that night. Tealteann is a pure shit hole. They should sell and develop dunganny more with a smaller stadium


That’s a bit harsh JJF!


Dunganny is a poor location. Better to sell dunganny and invest in pairc tailteann where you could make it a facility to play and train


Too late for that now.


Disagree, There is feck all room for development around there. Even Royal diehards would agree. Nothing wrong with the location of Dunganny and plenty of scope for expansion. Plus all the traffic on match day decks up my trip to Aldi’s! :slight_smile:


An Aldi in Meath , oh la la. You be getting a Supermacs next if you are lucky


Would ye fancy our chances in a 45 shootout? Deano, Cluxton, CK, Mannion and Dermo. Con in the mix too!