O'Byrne Cup 2018


Always remember in 2011 final, when the free was given, as Clucko walked up, donkey stood over the ball to wait to intimidate Clucko. O Gara walked over, faced up to donkey, put his arms out and face to face just walked donkey back away from the ball…

The rest as they say is history…

Oh yeah. … Bassys flip off the ground after being clothes lined as well


Dubs won by two that day 1.10 to 1.08…


Didn’t enjoy 2011. I felt we robbed Kerry.


True, but while at the time I would’ve loved to get to the final and beat Down, there’s no sporting moment in history I’d swap for those last 8 minutes against Kerry in 2011. I don’t believe we’d have been in that final had we won it the previous year (I think 2012 proved the hangover year was an inevitability with that group once they’d finally conquered Everest) and even if we had, part of the magic was definitely ending that famine and against them of all teams.


I take some umbrage with that point of view. Kerry got complacent and tried to play keepy ball and kill the game off with 10 minutes left to play. Sloppy passing lead to turnovers, and by the time they got their shit back in gear, it was too late.

It had certainly the elements of a smash and grab, but ultimately Kerry took their foot off the gas, and paid the price.


Well I remember listening to the radio the next day and there was loads of Kerry people on and Jack O’Connor and they all said they were robbed. I’m only going on what they told me.


Careful now, believing what Kerry men tell you is the first step on the road to believing what comes out the mouth of a Kildare fella.

Can’t have that.


I honestly don’t believe that. Our bench won us that Final. Every sub we made improved us, I’d argue every sub they made ultimately weakened them, especially taking Brosnan off - we ran straight through the area he’d just vacated for the goal. Kerry probably had a better starting 15 in 2011 but too many of them hadn’t got 70+ good minutes in their legs at that stage and they lacked the replacements to maintain their level of performance when those lads had no more to give. That obviously became exacerbated in subsequent meetings between us but I think it’s a hugely underrated factor in that Final.

Also, whatever our guts may have told us at the time, the notion that ‘Kerry had it in the bag’ doesn’t stand up in retrospect. 74-odd minutes were played that day, there was more than a single score between the teams for 57 seconds of that. It’s disingenuous to focus on that brief aberration in the margin between the teams rather than acknowledge the overall tightness of the affair.

Apologies mods for dragging us way off topic. It is January mind and there’s no matches to talk about for another fortnight!


Agree with all that. I was being a little facetious … as is my wont. I wouldn’t change 2011 for anything in the world … well maybe a €10m lotto win …


Let’s not forget fennell’s fingertip interception in throwball against donaghy that lead to Kevin mac getting free


All those little hero bits and personal battles. 2011. The best win in any game that I have ever witnessed.


My point was more coming from MDMAs interview after '10 where he was clearly devastated. We must remember this was a time where we had just recently come off some heavy & humiliating quarter & semi finals . There was no guarantee that we would have won in '11 & then to lose final in the league where we had a big lead might have had a detrimental effect.All history now of course.


I remember looking around me and thinking this is mental, we are still losing, but no doubt it was the moment when we saw we had them on the rack and they knew they were on the rack, the hill deffo smelt blood.


The goal put Keery in a place where they were there for the taking. Lord knows those roles were often reversed prior to '11 - think '06 against Mayo. That goal was a watershed moment, everything has been different since, barr maybe the hangover year in 12 and the kick up the hole in 14.


I was in the Cusack and smelt it too.


Well the performances against Armagh and especially Tyrone in 2010 demonstrated a very new attitude and belief. The semi-final defeat was that we ran out of options and out of steam a bit, Cork had us under siege for most of the second half. And we were unlucky, so I can see how they would have used that for motivation and belief the following year. The league final collapse was a starnge one, the substitutions almost seemed premeditated but that was the hopeful outlook, deep down I didn’t believe that, hardly anyone did.

The performance against Tyrone in 2011 gave us belief that we had a seriously good team, and that Connolly could be the player we had hoped he might for years. And the manner of the win against Donegal I feel worked so well for us on several levels. Apart from anything else it broke the semi-final losing sequence, and it left us as big underdogs for the final. So we had a seriously good, and ravenously hungry team going in against Kerry as big underdogs, an ageing great Kerry team who at 64 minutes in looked like cruising to victory.

They absolutely got a bit complacent with backs up the pitch going for the kill, maybe going for the glory, and the lost possession (after a fumble) before our goal was careless. In fact if Young hadn’t fumbled that simple pass, the opportunity for the interception would never have arisen, and with Kerry breaking forward in space, it’s very likely they would have got another score. Incredible how things turned from that moment, Young must have been a bit haunted by it after.

In hindsight we can look at the fact that for nearly 20 minutes of that second half we couldn’t catch a break from Dublin Joe or just a break in general, Kerry won every single ball or we gave them away. So it wasn’t that we were out on our feet, or not good enough. In hindsight. But the discipline of the backs and the team in general to not panic and not push up exposing ourselves to killer counter-attacks when defeat started to look likely was one of Gilroy’s and the team’s biggest achievements, the hard lessons of 2008 & 2009 bearing fruit. And a collective non-acceptance of being 2nd best anymore.

The fight-back against Mayo from 10 points down in 2012 also proved that. MDMA was heroic, and if BBs goal chance had gone in we were looking at the greatest comeback in history. But we would have lost to Donegal in that final, so just as well. Funny to think of all the water that has flowed under the bridge since we came out the right side of that unbelievable semi-final in 2011.


Also strange that we have not had a serious big call given against us since 2011…that’s remarkable given the amount of huge games we have been involved in …while I felt the loss in 2010 was our own doing we had a few big calls against us in those last 10 mins


Yeh it’s funny how it worked out, there were other bad misses too, by BB, a missed goal chance by Al, and a messed-up goal chance where Cahill couldn’t get the ball to Kev Mac. MDMA’s missed chance came at the end of an incredible run of play following the goal. If it had gone over Dublin would have surely sat on the two point lead, who knows what might have happened. Winning the throw-up was vital of course. Ger was mad to do that but I’m glad he did, and Donaghy was left looking like a huge pussy the way he went down from a hand to the face.


Mayo’s penalty in the 2015 drawn game, blatant gift from Dublin Joe. Some of the frees given to Mayo the last couple of years when they were chasing the game have been terrible decisions.


O’Gara was a big part of the change in attitude and mentality of that team from 2010 on. He was a really good target-man, he scored a massive goal Vs Tyrone, and I remember him giving (and getting from) hell to Cork in a regulation league game. It was the first time I saw us starting to physically and mentally get one over Cork since 1995.