Not a lot of people know that


Easter fact:
Joseph of Nazareth was not actually a carpenter at all. He was in fact an electrician.


And Mary worked in admin. Taking calls at an immaculate reception.


In the late 80’s and early 90’s during the broadcasting ban, Gerry Adams voice was replaced by that of an actor on TV.

Stephen Rea was employed to speak the words of Adams.

Rea was married for 17 years to Dolours Price, a former IRA bomber and hunger striker.


Weirdest part of that was when the broadcasting ban was lifted, we’d got so used to hearing Rea’s voice when Adams appeared on screen that the real Gerry Adams sounded like a bad imitator dubbed over the proper voice.


Well, he hadn’t gone away, you know?


Eugene Levy was in the running to play Toby Ziegler in the West Wing but lost out to Richard Schiff


Star Wars Wedge Antilles actor Dennis Lawson is real life uncle to young obi wan kenobi actor Ewan McGregor


Christopher Guest ( Spinal Tap) became the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, of Great Saling, in the County of Essex, when his father died in 1996.When using his title, he is normally styled as Lord Haden-Guest.


And married to the beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Tony Curtis…


Living the dream !


The late, sadly missed Kirsty MacColl chose the track running order for The Joshua Tree.


And she also sings one word in Tracy Ullman’s cover of her hit “They Don’t Know”.


Halle Berry has 6 toes on her right foot.


Soviets made the Hobbit in 1985.



She also did backing vocals on The Smiths “Bigmouth…”


Unmistakably her.


Misheard song lyrics are actually called mondegreens! Sounds more like somebody supporting Ireland!


Her husband produced it didn’t he?
Great album


People often call the empire that was ruled from Constantinople “The Byzantine Empire” because that was the name of the town that The Roman Emperor Constantine used to build his capital on. It was, in his time, the capital of the entire Roman Empire and continuted to be so even after Rome was sacked (in a very civilised way actually) and the Western Half of the Empire finally collasped.

However the interesting fact is that “Byzantine Empire” was invented in the century after it eventually fell to the Ottomans. It was called by its inhabitants and the peopel of the world “The Roman Empire” to the end and they called themselves Romans.


I think he was her ex-husband by the time of her death.